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DF64V Coffee Grinder by Turin™ - Variable Speed & Single Dose

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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

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9/26/2023 Preorder Shipment Update:

Container with DF64 1.5, DF83 v2 and DF64v is 30 miles from out location, but was randomly flagged for CBP inspection. They are very bad at letting us know when they are done with it which is extremely frustrating, but when we checked on 9/26/2023 they had the container at the facility for inspection. We don't know for sure when they will release it, but it should be soon and we can start shipping the preorders.


Expected to ship late September at earliest. Original estimate was end of August, but container was randomly selected for an in depth inspection by US CBP and may take a couple weeks longer due to their backlog.

Please note: Dosing cup has been updated since the photos and will look different from the photos. When we get new photos completed we will update the website

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  1. Some photos have a blue LED for the adjustment speed, this was replaced with white, but some photos still show the blue.
  2. Cup images show a variation of the cup that has been changed. We will update the photos, but don't have them yet.
  3. Grinder has a built in fail safe... Low RPM is meant for larger grind sizes, if low RPM is used for a fine grind size, it will stall and the motor will turn off to protect the motor. Unplug, clean, and plug back in. May have to wait a minute for it to reset. 
  4. We recommend over 800 rpm for light roast at minimum as light roast is harder on motors and the motor protection will kick in sooner with light roast. 


The Turin DF64V is a new variable speed single dose grinder. Despite being priced economically, it is built with sturdy and professional parts, making it a reliable grinder that is built to last.

One of its unique selling points is that it has low retention, meaning minimal coffee grounds get stuck in the grinder and create stale flavors the next time you brew coffee. This is because the DF64V Coffee Grinder has a streamlined design that allows coffee grounds to fall out smoothly. For the grinds that still remain in the chamber, the bellows can be used to clear anything remaining. This feature ensures that will achieve optimal flavor.

Another great feature of the DF64V is its variable speed, very quiet brushless DC motor, which allows you to play with your coffee and adjust the RPM rotary knob from 600-1800RPM. Even at 1800RPM, the sound of the motor is impressively muted!

The DF64V features 64MM DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) flat burrs for optimal flavor and extraction, which provides a clean grinding process and guarantees an above-average operating life of ~3000 KG minimum.

The grinder has a sleek and minimalistic design, with an eye-catching RPM turning device, classy metal coating, and smooth edge finishes. It is available in three different colors - Black, Silver, and Grey. It also comes with a pure metal CNC cup and wooden base as a touch of elegance and quality.

We recommend using RDT for this grinder to prevent static and it includes a little spray bottle to make it a cleaner user experience.

The DF64V grinder is suitable for home and professional coffee enthusiasts who want to try different coffee brewing methods. It can grind a range of consistent espresso, filter, and coarse grind. The new DF64V incorporates a permanent built-in grind size indicator feature for grind size adjustment, eliminating the need for an external grind size indicator ring.

Another great feature is the rubber bellow and wooden lid top, which allows you to push air into the burrs and out of the grounds chute, ensuring minimal retention of grounds. While the burrs that come with the DF64V grinder are quite good, you can update the burrs to other 64mm burrs, including SSPs if you want to experiment with different flavor attributes. 

Technical Information:

  • Model: DF64V
  • Package Size: L40 x W32 x H18 cm
  • Package weight: 5.0KG
  • Item Size: L20 x W10 x H33 cm
  • Item Weight: 3.9KG
  • At this time we only have available for preorder in 110 volts

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