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DF64P Espresso Grinder By Turin™

Was: $495.00
Now: $399.00
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Video: Hoon Coffee DF64P Live Demo

We are also taking preorders on the newest release, the Turin DF64E

The Turin DF64P Premium is a grinder that was introduced in the spring of 2022. The Turin DF64P is similar to the Turin DF64 and is not going to replace it. The DF64 is a popular product and will continue to be made, the new version, the Turin DF64P, is simply premium version and will be made alongside the DF64. The DF64 is a grinder that can be used for a range of coffees, while the Turin DF64P Premium is an espresso only grinder with less range in the grind size adjustment, which is designed to allow for more fine tuning of the grind size.

Single Dosing Grinder with Low Retention

The Turin DF64P Premium is a single dosing grinder that has rubber bellows that can be pumped at the end of the grinding cycle to force retained grounds out of the grind chamber. With this functionality there is less waste as there isn’t a need to purge coffee from the grind chamber prior to pulling a shot.


The DF64P has a small hopper and can be used to put your dose of coffee into after it has been weighed out. If you choose to use the grinder with this hopper you can grind your coffee without worrying about beans “jumping” very high when the beans hit the spinning burrs.

64mm Burrs / SSP Burrs

The 64mm burrs in this grinder will provide for outstanding particle size distribution, which is a very important aspect of making the best flavored espresso possible. If you want to use SSP burrs, we recommend getting the DF64 original grinder due to an easier installation and calibration process. 

Low Clumping Design

The grinder is designed to reduce clumping during the grinding cycle, which provides for a more even distribution of water during the espresso extraction process.

58mm Portafilter / Dosing Cup Holder

The grinder is designed with a portafilter rest that will allow the grinder to be used by either grinding into a dosing cup, or by grinding directly into a portafilter.

Bottom Burr Adjustment and Steady Burr Position

With the design of the top and bottom burr carriers, the distance between the burrs is designed to remain very steady and uniform throughout operation, providing for more uniform particle size distribution. With bottom burr being the one that is adjusted, the grinder can be taken apart and cleaned and put back together without messing up your grind size. It is also easier to clean the burr chamber compared to the Turin DF64 design, as cleaning involves simply removing two bolts with a metric hex wrench vs spinning a collar numerous times.

Wood Accents

Wood accents have been added to this grinder to give it a premium look and feel. The lid on the grinder as well as the top burr carrier holder are made with wood.


  • Always adjust the grind size with the grinder on and the burrs spinning.
  • Always pump the bellows at the end of the grind cycle, while the grinder is still on and the burrs are still turning.

Other Names

This grinder will be sold in other countries with other names, such as Solo DF64P, G-iota DF64P and probably others.

Alignment / Calibration

Factory checks the alignment. While there is always a point that a grinder can be aligned further, there is a point of diminishing returns and we don't think additional alignment is needed based on taste tests we have conducted. 

Anti Popcorn Device (Optional)

If you want to use the grinder without the lid, you can use the anti popcorn device. Also helps feed the beans in for a more uniform particle size distribution. Works for the DF64, DF64P and DF64E. 

Video: Taking Apart the Turin DF64E


  • Width: 4.87”
  • Length: 7.37”
  • Height: 11.5” without hopper or bellows
  • Height: 13.75” with bellows only
  • Height: 13.5” with hopper only
  • Height: 15.5” with hopper and bellows
  • Weight: 14.4 lbs
  • Adjustment: Stepless adjustment, with bottom burr adjustment, not top burr adjustment
  • Motor: 250 watts
  • Accessories: Comes with durable plastic dosing cup and rubber bellows
  • Volts: 110, 15amps with correct hertz for USA wiring. We do not sell 220 volt versions.
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty, with optional upgrade to three year warranty.

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  • 5
    DF 64P

    Posted by Eldin Kolasinac on 14th Mar 2023

    To early to make final comment but it does the job pretty good

  • 5
    Well pleased

    Posted by P Clive Robinson on 16th Feb 2023

    I’m no expert but I completely satisfied with this grinder. Incredible amount of room to dial in the grind and functions smoothly. Some of the criticisms are that it’s loud when grinding beans. Maybe so but I don’t find it at all too loud. I recommend this and purchasing from this business.

  • 5
    Appreciate the Value

    Posted by Tristen Harris on 14th Feb 2023

    Before owning this machine I was making espresso with a Feima 600N that I modded to grind fine enough. Out the box that machine needed to be shimmed to align its burrs. I must tell you, this DF64P is so much easier to use. Grinds faster, and quieter than my Baratza Encore, or Feima 600N The machine is very heavy, and I was able to produce better coffee with my Gaggia than I ever could before. Make sure to use RDT; I did have minor static cling issues, but the grounds come out with minimal clumps so you will fid you have to use less WDT.

  • 5
    No Buyer's Remorse Here

    Posted by Brad M on 22nd Jan 2023

    This grinder (and the guys at Espresso Outlet) are LEGIT. I recently decided to upgrade from my Sette 270 after realizing how inconsistent my shots were. I like light roasts and never really cared how velvety and thick my shots were, so I got the Unimodal burr upgrade along with it (the guys at Espresso Outlet installed them for me). The clarity they give a shot is out of this world. (P.S.- if you like darker roasts/love the thick mouthfeel of espresso, stick with the stock burrs or go with the high uniformities). I must have sent in about 5 different questions about the unit before and after I ordered and the Espresso Outlet guys answered every one of them. They even started processing my order the next day, which was a Sunday! If you're in the market for a Turin, you're not going to find a better price or better service than right here at Espresso Outlet.

  • 5
    Serious Espresso Grinder

    Posted by Lucas on 3rd Nov 2022

    I was very surprised by how quickly I received this after pre ordering. I have the stock burrs and the shots it produced are well textured and have a nice additional clarity over my previous conical burr grinder. I’m surprised by how well more lightly roasted, single origin coffees taste with this grinder as well.