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Update On DF64 1.5, DF83, & DF64V Preorder Shipment:

Container with DF64 1.5, DF83 v2 and DF64v is 30 miles from out location, but was randomly flagged for CBP inspection. They are very bad at letting us know when they are done with it which is extremely frustrating, but when we checked on 9/26/2023 they had the container at the facility for inspection. We don't know for sure when they will release it, but it should be soon and we can start shipping the preorders.

DF64 Gen 2 Preorder Shipment

Preorders placed before 9/26/2023 will be shipped directly from the manufacturer if the order is for stainless steel or DLC burrs. For SSP burrs, we have to wait for the container to arrive in the USA if you want us to install the SSP burrs. 

SK40 Preorder Shipment

We are taking preorders for the Turin SK40. We estimate the shipment will arrive mid to late November. 

We Closed Weekends and All Major Holidays

Best Contact Method - When We Are Online, Live Chat With Us. When Offline, it Becomes a Ticket

Service / Warranty

For any service related issues, please email photos and videos showing the issue to [email protected] with your order number (preferably respond to order confirmation email) and describe the issue. Makes things a lot easier to have videos and photos. It is best to initiate the service request in this manner vs calling as we usually ask for videos and photos during a call and saves time to have these. 


In order to initiate a return, please take photos showing the product packaged in all original packaging and with all original items included. Make sure to use cover bags and don't leave anything loose that will bounce around and scratch the product. Please find the original order confirmation email and respond to that and say that you want to return and include the photos. If the product is having an issue, please provide a description so we know what to look for when we get it back. Please do not call to initiate returns, it takes a lot of time and works best to process via email. 


Please do not call for parts inquiries. There are way to many parts for all the different machines we sell to be able to figure out what is needed while on the phone. If you have a parts need, please email [email protected] and provide the make and model, age of the machine, and if you purchased from us, the order number, and a detailed description of the parts or part numbers of the parts needed. 


Call 888-245-4669 if you are interested in purchasing equipment or if you have any questions relating to making a purchase. 

Or email [email protected] .

Service / Support / Shipping Damage


BEFORE CALLING: If you are having an issue with your equipment, we are happy to help, but please follow these guidelines before you call so that we can assist you as efficiently as possible. If you are having an issue with your machine during the warranty period or after receiving a new order, please take a photo or video of the issue and email it to [email protected]. Please briefly explain the issue while you send the photos and/or videos. Also provide the order number and approximate date of your order along with the serial number from the equipment. 

Phone Number 888-245-4669 OR Live chat with us if we are online.

Repairs in Your Area

If you are looking for a local service company in your area, please visit the repair locations page for home machines and our installation/service company page for commercial equipment. Warranty does not cover local repairs unless this is specified in a prior agreement with us. 


IMPORTANT: We do not take part related inquires over the phone of live chat due to the huge number of parts that are associated with the huge number of products and product variations there are. 

We are located in Michigan, USA, but we do not have a public showroom for espresso equipment at this time. 


Hours of Operation
Mon - Fri: 10am to 5pm EST
Closed Holidays and Weekends

NOTE: Submit a Repair Request Before Shipping or Dropping a Machine/Grinder Off for Repair.

Shipping Damage

Warranty Support

Returns / Order Cancelations 

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