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Conical Burr Grinders

The shape and design of the burrs in a coffee grinder can have an impact on the taste of the resulting coffee. Flat burrs and conical burrs are the two main types of burrs used in coffee grinders, and they have some differences in their performance and the resulting coffee taste.

Flat burrs are known for producing a consistent and even grind, which can help to extract the full flavor of the coffee beans. They are also good at preserving the natural oils in the beans, which can contribute to the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Flat burrs tend to produce a cleaner and brighter taste in the coffee, with less bitterness and a smoother mouthfeel.

Conical burrs, on the other hand, are shaped like a cone with a pointed end and a wider base. They are generally considered to be less precise and and have a broader particle size distribution when compared to flat burrs, as the beans can sometimes pass through the burrs unevenly. However, conical burrs can produce a more complex and nuanced flavor in the coffee, with a wider range of notes and aromas. They can also produce a fuller body and a more pronounced mouthfeel in the coffee.

In general, the taste differences between flat burrs and conical burrs can be subtle, and they can also be influenced by factors such as the roast level of the beans, the brewing method, and the personal preferences of the coffee drinker. It's worth trying both types of burrs to see which one produces the taste that you prefer