Compak F10 Fresh Espresso Grinders - Polished Aluminum or Black

Compak F10 Fresh Espresso Grinders - Polished Aluminum or Black


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New Style now available, now comes with touch panel and 3 modes selection: pre-selection- automatic - instant.

The Short Hopper is an Optional Accessory Only.

Key Features

  • Conical 68 mm grinding burrs
  • Blade speed: 325 RPM
  • Large bean hopper, holds over 3 lbs. of coffee
  • Electronic micrometric regulation control
  • Manual push button refill
  • Precision dosing
  • Adjustable portafilter fork height
  • 3 grinding modes
  • Total and partial coffee counter
  • Password to ensure secure settings
  • Configurable burr change warning
  • Customizable promotion message
  • Available in black or polished aluminum

Compaq, a leader in the coffee grinder manufacturing industry for over 60 years, has brought to the market the F10 Fresh Espresso Grinder. Each one of these machines is meticulously manufactured by hand with the most premium materials available and designed with advanced features that produce accurate and consistent grinds. With features such as electronic and manual dosing, electronic micrometric regulation control, conical steel grinding burrs and a large removable bean hopper, even the most demanding coffee lover is sure to be impressed.

Located conveniently on the side of the machine is a knob that can be twisted to make an infinite number of adjustments to the consistency of the grind from fine to coarse.

Situated at a proud 68 mm, these steel beauties rotate at low revolutions (325 RPM) to produce a cool grind. They deliver grinds at an impressive speed of 7 grams per 1.9 seconds.

Located on the side of the machine is a power switch that can turn the machine to automatic, manual and off.

Accurate dosing can be customized by the user using automatic or preselect mode. Doses are configured by time. There is also a convenient manual refill button that can be depressed for any length of time to fill the portafilter basket to the preferred level. The electronic display allows the user to keep track of total and partial shots, customize a display message, configure a burr replacement and set a password for security.

The large bean hopper with a capacity of over 3 pounds is secured with a screw for safety reasons, this can be easily removed and the hopper can be detached from the grinder unit for refills, replacement and maintenance. A handy “trap door” feature can be activated to remove the hopper neatly without having the mess of beans spilling out from the open bottom.

The versatile portfilter fork is completely adjustable by twisting the adjustment screws and can accommodate most sizes of portafilters for hands-free operation.


  • Motor output: 800 watts
  • Dimensions: 8 1/3” W x 14 1/2” D x 26 ½”H
  • Dimensions: 8 1/3” W X 14 1/2” D x 20” H (with optional short hopper)
  • Weight: 38 lbs.
  • 110 volts
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  • Excellent Grinder

    Posted by Rick Adkins on 17th Dec 2014

    I've only had the Compak K3 Touch Advanced for three days, but It's already changed my coffee habits for the better. This is the first burr grinder I've purchased, and it took a lot of research and review reading to settle on the Compak. I'm very happy with my choice.

    The grinder is well built, and very easy to use. I did find the instruction manual that came with it (which does not support the Touch Advanced model) to be lacking in specifics. But a quick search on the Compak website located a more current version of the manual which does include my model. It helped me get the grinder dialed in and ready to use.

    I'm still experimenting with my grind settings, but tonight I got it set to an espresso grind that is close to what I need for my Silvia. I'll continue to tweak my settings until I get it just right. :-)

    I think the Compak is a great option for anyone looking for a doserless, stepless grinder. Some of the reviews I read indicated that there were clumping issues with this grinder, but I've had no clumping, just very consistent fluffy grinds.

    I look forward to using the Compak K3 Touch Advanced for many years. Thanks to Joe at Espresso Outlet for his advice and prompt shipping, too.

  • Compak K3 Touch Advanced Review

    Posted by Ralph Sutter on 12th Dec 2014

    I received the Compak K3 Touch Advanced yesterday. I wanted a stepless, doserless grinder to complement my Rancilio Rocky, having found that I sometimes needed a grind somewhere in between the steps offered by the Rocky. I didn’t want a doser because I mainly grind for myself and don’t want unused grounds sitting unused in the doser.

    At first, I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the fineness of the grind. Being accustomed to the Rocky, I expected the Compak to adjust by turning the grind regulator below the bean hopper. The grind regulator moved slightly, like it had some play in it but didn’t move any further. I reasoned that the grinder must be missing an essential part and proceeded to detach the grind regulator from the body of the grinder so that I could confirm that suspicion. Nope.

    Finally, I grasped the grind regulator firmly and turned it with much more force. Now it moved. It takes considerably more effort to adjust the grind of the Compak than it does with the Rocky. That makes sense because it needs more resistance due to the stepless design. (When I moved the collar, the machine was unplugged and I had not put any beans in the hopper. If there are beans in the grinding chamber, you should have the grinder running before adjusting the grind.)

    The bean hopper is held in place by a 5 mm machine screw that can only be accessed after removing a rubber cap from the “Setting Roller Hopper Block”. The user then tightens the machine screw with a slotted screwdriver. I found this arrangement to be ill-considered and modified it, replacing the machine screw with a longer 5 mm screw to which I attached a knurled knob. This modification allows me to easily loosen or tighten the screw and remove the bean hopper. I plan to close the bean hopper shutter and remove the hopper when I want to sample a different bean. I roast my own beans so I’m apt to do this often.
    Another modification I made was to add a pair of indexing marks (White Out dots) on the grind regulator and the grinder housing for quick reference.

    Initial impressions of the Compak K3 Touchless Advanced
    I was able to grind to a fine powder as called for in Turkish coffee and then dial in a consistent espresso grind. I adjusted the timer dial so that two taps on the actuating lever with the portafilter gave me the desired quantity of coffee for a double shot. If I grind for two shots in quick succession, the Compak grind is consistent from one grind to the next. Each grind takes about 15 seconds.

    The actuating lever (aka Front pushlever) has a hook that holds my bottomless portafilter securely. When I grind into this portafilter with the Rancilio Rocky, I have to support the bottomless portafilter but not the standard portafilter.

    I look forward to becoming more familiar with the Compak K3 Touch Advanced. I am happy with the purchase and the prompt delivery by Espresso Outlet.

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