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Compak E8 Essential On Demand Grinder

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FEATURED Grinder: Turin DF64

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Feature Overview

  • Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment
  • Low blade speed (1325 RPM)
  • Flat 83 mm grinding burrs
  • Hopper capacity: 60 ounces
  • Time per dose: 1.6 sec = 7 grams
  • Three position power switch (Automatic, Manual, Off)
  • LCD touch screen operation
  • Burr replacement alarm
  • Adjustable portafilter holder
  • Barista lights
  • Electronic fan
  • Motor output: 730 watts
  • Dimensions: 8 1/2" W x 15 3/4" D x 25" H
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • 110 Volt
  • (ETL) Sanitation Listed (conforms to ANSI/NSF Standard 8)
  • c(ETL) US Listed (conforms to UL STD 197 Certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 NO. 109)
  • The Compak K3 Bean Hopper lowers the height to 20 inches.

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  • 5
    Compak E8 Grinder

    Posted by Miles Bainbridge on 22nd Mar 2021

    I ordered this grinder for home use, as there is a 3rd-party single-dosing funnel available for it. Compak has made their own single-dosing funnel as well, but I cannot currently find it listed for sale online through any of their authorized dealers. At the time I’m writing this review, this is the most affordable 83mm flat grinder that I’m aware of on the market. My E8 came with the standard non-coated steel burrs. This grinder is fast! At the kinds of grind sizes I was using with my previous 64mm flat grinder, the E8 will grind an 18g dose in about 6 seconds. However, the better adjustment mechanism on this grinder (Compak's “micrometric parallel system”) has allowed me to grind finer and use longer preinfusion to get better extractions. With the finer grind setting I’m using now, it takes about 7.5 seconds to grind a dose. That’s still plenty fast for just about any application, and I’m sure it would be even faster if someone were using it with a full hopper. Despite the fact that grind adjustments are made by rotating the collar, and there’s no worm gear, it is still easy to make very fine grind adjustments, and they are highly repeatable. Extraction times are fairly consistent from one day to the next without needing to re-adjust. Grind quality is pretty great. The manual that comes with the grinder has instructions on how to change out the anti-clumping grid, so I removed it to minimize retention for single-dosing purposes. As a foreseeable result, there are some very small clumps in the output, but overall static remains low. Shots are incredibly flavorful and complex. Retention hasn’t been a huge issue with this grinder. After grinding a dose, I can generally puff out about 1 more gram of grounds with bellows. Variance between input and output is usually within about 0.3g when using bellows. There is still a little bit of exchange, and a small purge before your first shot of the day is beneficial. If you want to grind into a dosing cup, the lower fork of the portafilter holder slides out easily, allowing you to press the on-demand grind button with your cup. The grounds are fairly well-controlled coming out of the chute, and spray is rare to nonexistent. Given that this is clearly a grinder designed for use with a full hopper in a busy cafe, it does surprisingly well in a home single-dosing environment. The timer presets are easy to program and precise. The touch surface controls work well. The LEDs on the front are actually quite useful. I can’t say I’ve heard any fan noise. The only real downsides to using this in a home environment are that it’s an absolutely massive grinder, and the powerful 700 watt motor is rather loud and can vibrate strongly while grinding. If you use a hopper, it will block upper cabinets. I’m also down into the extreme fine end of the available grind adjustment - very close to 0 on a scale of 0 to 110. It came set to 15 out of the box, which was somewhere around a fine V60 or a coarse Aeropress grind. 6 is about where the real espresso range started for me. I would imagine the big end of the grind adjustment is past cold brew. Each mark on the collar is about 3 degrees of rotation, so the complete range of adjustment is slightly less than one full rotation of the collar. The grind adjustment locking mechanism works well. There’s a hard stop to the adjustment mechanism, around where -3 would be, so I’m not sure if this has the range of adjustment necessary for single-dosing ultra light roasts for espresso. It does have enough range for medium-light. Anybody using this grinder for medium-dark or dark roasts will have no problems with espresso. Someone wanting to grind Turkish may need to look into different burr sets, or potentially re-calibrating the range of adjustment if possible.

  • 5
    Compak E8 Grinder

    Posted by Evan Garfield on 12th Dec 2019

    Approximate Time Owned 3 years Rating Overall 5/5 Reliability Rating 5/5 Value for the Price 5/5 Usability Rating 5/5 Aesthetics Rating 5/5 Detailed Review Honestly an amazing grinder. Grinds 18g in about 4 seconds flat and makes fluffy consistent grinds. Easy to open up and clean burrs.