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Ceado - Hand Made In Venice Italy

Ceado grinders are world class products that are currently sold in over 70 countries around the world. The founder of the company, Egidio Girardi, started making grinders all the way back in 1952 in a shop in Venice, Italy. To this day, all aspects of the products are still made in Italy with superior Italian craftsmanship. The name “Ceado” is the Venetian version of the Girardi family name. The company is currently being run by the founder's sons, Michele Girardi and Paolo Girardi, who are also the inventors of many of the superior features on the Ceado products, including the steady lock system. Ceado makes a complete line of grinders, including on demand grinders, single-dose grinders, doser grinders, and retail grinders. Some of their most popular models are the E37S, E37J, E37SD, E6P and E37T. With features like large 83mm precision engineered burrs, steady lock system that keeps a constant distance between burrs for superior grind size consistency, quick set gears that allow for quick adjustments, touchscreen displays, anti clogging systems, easy access to burrs, mechanical suspension and soundproofing that make Ceado grinders some of the quietest on the market, and hands free operation.