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Carisma by Faema Espresso Machine

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NOTE: Poor water quality will destroy your espresso machine. Learn More

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Not available at this time. Compare with Quick Mill Andreja espresso machine or Rocket Appartamento. 

*For Home Use Only

Features Overview

  • Faema E61 lever action group (Made by Faema)
  • Polished stainless steel construction
  • Ruveco Teck treated Copper boiler
  • Easy access, removable water tank with cover
  • 3 non-delivery programming buttons
  • Ergonomic steam and hot water knobs
  • LCD display for boiler pressure and programming (Displays in °C or °F or in Bars)
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Articulating stainless steel steam and hot water wands
  • Drip tray float, a warning when to "empty it"
  • Easy access to the resettable hi-limit
  • Removable power cord
  • Ulka vibratory pump
  • Bottom access panel for easy access to heater
  • NFS, ETL and UL approved (May be used in commercial application)

Faema Carisma Description

Brew and steam simultaneously with this two chamber boiler, semi-professional espresso machine!

The Faema Carisma is an espresso machine designed for the home or office user that wants a top of the line, commercial grade espresso machine in their home and for the small café / hotel owner that wants to provide high quality espresso to their customers, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high end commercial espresso machine (could literally be an investment of many thousands of dollars more). It is beautifully designed and comes with patented technologies, including a metal coating that protects users from heavy metal ingestion, and a commercial grade E-61 brew group.

Watch this Video from Chris's Coffee Service (our supplier partner) for a comprehensive review of the Faema Carisma.

Copper Boiler with Ruveco Teck Coating

Equipped with a 1.6 liter copper boiler, the Faema Carisma allows numerous espresso shots to be brewed without any down time associated with the machine having to “catch up”. The patented Ruveco Teck coating on the boiler keeps water from coming in direct contact with metal on the boiler, where it is possible for heavy metals to get mixed with the water.

Patented Metal Coating

All metal parts that come in contact with brew water have been coated with a treatment that meets the EC 1935/2004 food specification directive and meets the requirements of NSF 51. This treatment prevents heavy metals from being picked up by water when it comes in contact with metal. The treatment, known as Ruveco Teck Coating, has been applied to the steam valve, hot water valve, heat exchanger, copper boiler, and all other metal parts that brew water could come in contact with as it goes through the espresso machine. Exclusive rights to this technology are held by Gruppo Cimbali.

2.2 Liter (0.58 Gallons) Water Tank with Low Water Pump Protector

The Faema Carisma espresso machine has the best, or, certainly one of the best water tanks in it’s class. One of the nicest features of the tank is a built in pump protector – a magnetic feature on the machine will stop the brew process when the water gets below a certain level, preventing catastrophic damage to the pump if it operates without water. When the brew process is stopped, the machine puts itself in a hold mode and sends a message to the LCD gauge informing the user of the problem. The background color of the gauge also changes to red for a clear visual indicator that something is wrong. Another outstanding feature is a built in water softener that greatly reduces lime scale build up and helps the machine deliver much better tasting coffee. The water tank is made with high quality, food grade plastic and is easily removable. IMPORTANT NOTE: At first use, remove the water softener from the intake hose in the water tank. Look for any damage or resin leaks. If you see a resin in the water tank, wash the water tank to make sure all resin has been removed. When rinse has been completed, recharge the water softener.

E-61 Brew Group

The commercial grade E-61 brew group is a legendary brew group that Gruppo Cimbali (makers of Faema) has been producing since it was invented in 1961. The main benefit of this type of brew group is that it allows for a quick change between brewing and steaming. It also has a pre-wetting feature called prefusion, that wets the coffee grounds just prior to brewing and enables better extraction of espresso.

Temperature Control

Get very accurate boiler temperature control with a PID-type digital control unit. The temperature of the boiler is adjustable through a round LCD gauge on the front of the Carisma espresso machine. The gauge offers precise temperature control features and dual temperature monitoring – the set temperature and the current temperature. There are three temperature adjustment buttons on the gauge, one for raising the temperature, one for lowering it, and an “OK” button for setting the temperature once it is been set. See product photos for a close up of this feature. Readable in Bar, Fahrenheit, or Celsius.

UL and NSF Approved 


18" H x 11.13" W x 17" D


1100 watts, 120 volts, 60 hertz

Included Accessories

Single spout filter handle, double spout filter handle, instructional manual, single cup filter basket, double cup filter basket, coffee scoop, 55-57mm plastic tamper, rubber insert for backflushing. And S.E. single dose pod basket,

Drip Tray Level Warning

An overfilled drip tray can be a pain to drain, but with the Faema Carisma you don’t have to worry about this. It has a mechanical drip tray level warning that rises when the water rises. When a warning indicator appears in the opening you know it’s time to empty it.

Vintage Designed, Stainless Steel Body

The body of the of the Faema is made of highly polished stainless steel, making the espresso machine look absolutely incredible in any kitchen, office or business environment. Use precaution when cleaning as you do not want to ruin the finish by using something like a scrub pad or abrasive cleaner. Please look up instructions on how to clean stainless steel before attempting to clean your new Faema Carisma espresso machine!

Two Articulating Wands

Made of high quality stainless steel, the Faema Carisma has two articulating wands – one for steam and one for hot water. The swivel joints on the wands allow for easy movement when using them for frothing or hot water. The steam knob and water spigot are also made with stainless steel and are very easy to use. Rubber insulators on both wands protect users from dangerous burns.

High Limit Control with Easy Access

Access to the high limit control is a simple as sliding out the drip tray. The disassembly that is required on some machines isn’t the case with the Faema Carisma! Once the drip tray is out, the control is easily adjustable.

Pressure Gauge

Positioned opposite to the boiler temperature gauge, the brew pressure gauge shows the brew cycle water pressure.

Water Pump

A vibratory Ulka 41 water pump on the Faema Carisma provides you with all the pressure you’ll need. Included on the pump is a thermal overload protector for added equipment protection.


One year limited to manufacturer’s defects. 


What is the difference between the Faema Carisma and the Quick Mill Andreja Premium?

One of the machines that the Faema Carisma is commonly compared to is the Quick Mill Andreja Premium. Customers often what the main differences are between the two machines.

  • Best Use – The Andreja Premium is designed for home/office use, while the Faema Carisma can be used in smaller commercial applications and has all the approvals needed – UL, CE, ETL, and NSF.
  • Plumbing / Tank – The Faema Carisma has a smaller, 2.2 liter water reservoir than the Andreja Premium, with a 3 liter reservoir. The Andreja Premium also has a direct connection option available (an additional cost), while the Faema Carisma does not.
  • Pump – Both machines have an Ulka vibratory pump, but the Andreja Premium has a slightly more powerful pump – 52 watts vs 41 on the Faema Carisma.
  • Drain Tray – the drain tray on the Faema Carisma is a little smaller than the drain tray on the Andreja Premium.
  • Steam arms – The Faema Carisma has a traditional stainless steel steam arm, while the Andreja Premium has a patented no-burn steam arm with a 4 hole tip.
  • Watts – The Faema Carisma has a 1100 watt heater, while the Andreja Premium has a 1400 watt heater.
  • Height – The Carisma is a little taller than the Andreja Premium – something to consider if you have low cabinets.

Should the Faema Carisma be descaled on a regular basis?

We strongly recommend that this machine is only operated while using softened water. Not distilled water, but soften water. Distilled water has no minerals, while softened water has some minerals, but not as much as hard water. It is our opinion that if you use softened water, descaling won’t be necessary.

How do you brew espresso or steam milk with Faema Carisma?

It quite easy make espresso and espresso based drinks with this machine, especially after you’ve done it a time or two. The owners manual has detailed instructions on how to brew coffee and steam milk. Make sure to go through this manual thoroughly to get a full understanding of the machine operation.

Which is better, a heat exchanger or a double boiler espresso machine?

It all depends on what you are looking for in an espresso machine. This great video by provides a good comparison between the two machine types. Once you watch this you’ll have a better understanding of which machine is right for you. 


Additional Photos

You can see additional photos of the Carisma by Faema on this Pinterest board:

Follow Espresso Outlets's board Faema Carisma on Pinterest.

Faema Carisma Machine Diagram

Faema Carisma Diagram

  1. Main ON/OFF switch
  2. Power supply socket
  3. Swivel steam jet pipe
  4. Swivel Quicksteam jet pipe
  5. Steam adjustment knob
  6. Quicksteam: “frothed” milk key
  7. Quicksteam: “hot” milk key
  8. Temperature adjustment key
  9. Programming key
  10. Temperature adjustment key
  11. Hot water dispensing knob
  12. Display
    1. (A) Set pressure / temperature
    2. (B) Instant boiler pressure/temperature
    3. (C) Enabled boiler resistance icon
    4. (D) No water in tank icon
  13. Coffee dispensing lever
  14. Hot water dispensing pipe
  15. Filter holder
  16. Drip tray/pan


User Guide and Installation Manual

The user manual is available as a downloadable PDF, here. Topics in the user manual, along with page numbers, include (only use instructions for the Faema Carisma S1):

  • General rules – 6
  • Electrical installation rules – 7
  • Water installation rules – 8
  • Preliminary steps before first start-up – 9
  • First start-up – 10
  • Beverage preparation – 11
  • Coffee dispensing – 11
  • Steam dispensing, frothing milk for cappuccinos – 12
  • Hot water dispensing – 13
  • Setting the boiler temperature – 13
  • Viewing the boiler pressure/temperature – 16
  • Checking the water level in the tank – 16
  • Checking the water level in the tray – 16
  • Cleaning and maintenance – 17
  • Cleaning dispensing unit – 17
  • Cleaning filter-holders – 17
  • Cleaning the steam and hot water dispensing pipes – 18
  • Cleaning the grill and drip basin – 18
  • Cleaning the Bodywork – 18
  • Cleaning the water tank – 18
  • Filter replacement – 19
  • Rules for the worker operating the machine – 20
  • Cautions and warnings – 21
  • Maintenance and repairs – 21
  • Dismantling the machine – 22
  • Defects/malfunctions – 22

Reviews and Forum Discussions

  • Unboxing the Carisma by Faema - Read an interesting conversation on about the Faema Carisma. There are some good thought from forum users, along with some photos and videos.
  • Programming Question - In this discussion, users talk about programming the Faema Carisma. On page 2, Chris Nachtrieb from Chris’s Coffee Service provides some good insight on the topic. Chris’s Coffee Service is our direct supplier for this machine.
  • Faema Carisma vs Quick Mill Anita - A machine that is commonly compared with the Faema Carisma is the Quick Mill Anita. You can read a discussion about the two machines here and add your question or comments to the conversation. We carry a complete line of Quick Mill espresso machines, so make sure you check out product details for those machines as well.
  • Reviews - The machine is new, so reviews are limited, but if you’ve used the Faema Carisma, please leave a comment on our product description as well as on Other potential customers will greatly benefit from your comments and reviews.
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Best Use:
Small Restaurant \ Office \ Home
UL, CE, ETL, NSF approved
EE \ Semi-Automatic
1.4 capacity - Ruveco Teck Treated
Cup Size:
Traditional Cup
1 Group
Output Capacity:
20 Espressos Per Hour
PID Temperature Controller:
Plumbing / Tank:
Reservoir (2.2 liter)
Ulka 41 watt vibratory pump with brass ends and thermal overload protection
Group pressure gauge. Boiler Pressure Electronic LCD display
Drain Tray:
Large, non-plumbed pull-out drip tray with 1 liter capacity
Hot Water Spigot:
1 Stainless steel articulating hot water spigot
Steam Arms:
1 Stainless steel articulating steam arm
Amps / Volts:
15 Amps \ 110 Volts
1100 watts heater
Stainless Steel
See product description
See product description

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