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Bottomless Portafilter with Precision Basket: La Spaziale

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NOTE: This item is currently only available with the purchase of a La Spaziale espresso machine.

La Spaziale introduces their new bottomless portafilter with precision basket. This portafilter has been created to be fully compatible with all La Spaziale commercial machines in addition to the Mini Vivaldi and the Vivaldi II. Equipped with a 1mm spring clip and designed to optimize function, baskets are incredibly easy to pop in and out. Included with this portafilter is a precision triple basket 21 grams.

What are the advantages of having a bottomless portafilter basket?
A portfilter basket gives users an invaluable opportunity to visualize the immediate espresso extraction and crema. This tool can assist the barista to make perfect adjustments to the grind and tamp and is also a fantastic learning tool for the home user who wishes to perfect the art of espresso extraction.

What are you looking for?
Improper tamping and grind size can lead to channeling. What is channeling? Basically, it occurs when water seeps through cracks in the coffee puck. The resulting brew is thin and “under-extracted”. Users will want to look for blond streaks in the gush of espresso. When observing the puck following the extraction, users can look for holes where the channeling happened.