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Bezzera Unica PID Espresso Machine

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Key Features

  • Below pump pressure gauge, there is a 'P' switch that powers on the pump for hot water delivery through the opened steam wand. The 'O/I' switch is for powering up the espresso machine. The light in between is the power light.
  • Three way solenoid valve allows quick removal of portafilter after espresso extraction and immediately prepare for the next extraction.
  • Adjustable over pressure valve (OPV).

*For Home Use Only

Bezzera, an established Italian manufacturer, has been delivering to the market some of the most respected espresso machines for over 100 years! They developed the single boiler Unica PID Espresso Machine with all of the necessary components to produce the best espresso drinks at a very affordable price tag. An enviable feature on this espresso machine is the PID temperature system with digital thermostat control which allows users to make adjustments to the temperature of the brew and steam to customize their drink. In addition to the PID system, this unit is also built with durable, polished stainless steel and is equipped with the celebrated E61 grouphead, a copper boiler and a steam/hot water wand. 

The appearance of this machine is refined and professional. The luxurious exterior is composed of polished stainless steel, an attractive addition to any kitchen.

The integrated PID system allows the user the flexibility of fully controlling the temperature of brewing and steaming. The user can make adjustments to the temperature utilizing the digital thermostat located on the front of the machine. To make adjustments, the user simply must push the plus or minus keys on either side of the display screen. Adjustments for the coffee can be made from 80-100 degrees Celsius or 105-120 degrees Celsius in steam mode.

The Unica is furnished with the esteemed E61 grouphead heated by thermosyphon tubes for optimal temperature stability. This machine does not have a heat exchanger. Next to the grouphead is a lever which triggers a microswitch to activate the powerful 15-bar vibration pump to source water through the grinds.

The steam and hot water wand is controlled using a joystick lever that allows the user to instantly deliver intermittent bursts of steam/water or lock the wand into the up position for continuous delivery. The wand is able to pivot to accommodate different frothing pitchers.

This espresso machine is equipped with a 0.5 L copper boiler that is purposed to deliver both brewing and steaming functions. It is important to note that after you have steamed approximately 20 ounces of milk, you must flip the pump switch located on the front bottom of the machine to refill the boiler. Boiler pressure can be monitored on the gauge located on the front of the machine.

The removable water reservoir accommodates up to 3L of water and is located on the rear of the machine.

An important element to the perfect espresso is ensuring stable temperature control. A part of that process involves keeping the espresso cups toasty during preparation for the brew. The Unica contains a built-in cup warmer that is passively heated by the 1200 watt copper boiler.


  • Single spout portafilter
  • Double spout portafilter
  • 1-cup filter basket
  • 2-cup filter basket
  • Blind filter basket
  • Plastic tamper
  • Plastic scoop
  • Grouphead cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual.


  • Measurements: 14.76" H x 9.84" W x 16.73" D (37.5 cm H x 25 cm W x 42.5 cm D).
  • Weight: 40.79 pounds (18.5 kilograms).
  • Power: 1300 watts, 110 volts, 50-60 hertz.
  • Water tank capacity: 0.79 gallons (3 liters).
  • Boiler capacity: 0.13 gallons (0.5 liters).
  • Max cup height: 3.5" (8.89 cm).
  • Approval(s): CE


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  • 4
    Baratza Unica

    Posted by Lukas Hehenberger on 12th Dec 2019

    Approximate Time Owned 1 year Rating Overall 4/5 Reliability Rating 4/5 Value for the Price 5/5 Usability Rating 4/5 Aesthetics Rating 3/5 Detailed Review I love the espresso machine. It makes great coffee, I especially like the possibility to change the temperatures so I can adjust the temperature depending on what coffee I'm making.

  • 5
    Bezzera Unica

    Posted by Meagan Sayer on 2nd Feb 2018

    I bought the machine about 45 days ago and waited until now to do a review because I wanted to be sure. So, my needs were somewhat specific; I wanted an espresso machine that was a strong espresso-only machine. I don't do steam drinks, so I didn't necessarily care about that feature, but I wanted a strong, semi professional machine. I run about 9 shots a day through the Bezzera and am consistently happy with the results. The water reservoir sits in the back. You can add water by lifting the top piece off and pouring. No big deal. Adding water, something that some have complained about, seems easy enough to me. It's also pretty quiet, very sturdy AND pretty to look at.