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BeanSeeker Electronic Ice Drip Coffer Brewer

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Note: The BeanSeeker is a revolutionary new ice drip coffee maker.  Patent Pending.  For now, it will only be available on our Kickstarter page.  Official launch on September 19th, 2023.  Sign up for notifications to receive the latest information about the BeanSeeker!


Are you a coffee aficionado who likes to make cold brew but is tired of the 18-24 hour brew time and messy cleanup? What if there was a smarter, cleaner, and faster way to make cold drip coffee at home?

Get ready to experience the next evolution of iced coffee brewing with the Bean Seeker™, the first smart ice drip brewer. The Bean Seeker is a sleek and innovative automated ice drip brewer that is simple to use and gives you full control over coffee extraction—temperature, time, flow rate, and volume—allowing the subtle notes of specialty coffee beans to be fully realized and enjoyed.

  • No more waiting 18+ hours for your cold coffee fix.
  • No more adding ice.
  • No more in-depth cleaning!


  • Ice Drip Coffee is Bright and Aromatic: Since the 1600s, the Japanese have artfully used a unique slow drip brewing method using cold water. Over the years, this “Kyoto-style” method has gained huge popularity around the world for its bright and aromatic flavor. The slow extraction process preserves the coffee's natural acidity and floral aromas, resulting in a cup that is more vibrant and reminiscent of the coffee's origin flavors.
  • Ice Drip Coffee is Refreshingly Crisp and Complex: Ice drip coffee tends to have a more complex flavor profile compared to immersion cold brew (which is sometimes described as "muddy"). The gradual extraction allows for a wider range of flavors to emerge, including fruity, floral, and acidic notes: a refreshing drink, especially during warmer weather.
  • Ice Drip is Faster to Brew (and clean up!): The brewing time for ice drip coffee is nearly 10x shorter than typical cold brew—it takes 1-2 hours to complete the drip process. Cleanup is quick and easy: simply dispose of the coffee filter, rinse, and repeat!


The BeanSeeker gives you full control over extraction, while doing the hard work for you. Once you push "START", water is pumped and passed through an electrically-regulated chiller, which chills the water to nearly 0 degrees Celsius (no ice cubes required).  The flow rate and final extraction volume is controlled and monitored with the built-in integrated scale, so you're freed up to do other things. You can even set the machine to beep once your coffee is ready. Enjoy!

Brew Smarter. Perhaps you've seen one at your local specialty coffee shops: a tall glass apparatus resembling a chemistry experiment. These glass towers are awkwardly large, slow, and fragile... an accident waiting to happen atop a home coffee bar! 

What nearly all of these brewers are missing is control: the ability to precisely dial in temperature, control the flow rate, and measure volume in order to obtain optimal extraction. 

The BeanSeeker has many advantages over traditional ice drip towers made of glass. It is more compact, freeing up precious counter space. It is more durable, made of stainless steel material. And it is automated, using an electronic chiller and regulating flow control, temperature, and volume.

  • BeanSeeker Ice Dripper Machine
  • Kaleido Non-Woven V60 Filter Papers (100 pcs)
  • Round Filter Papers (100pcs)
  • Five Silicone Tubes
  • Carafe 
  • V60 Style Dripper Funnel
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

During product development, the manufacturer has gone through several revisions of the Bean Seeker.  We have gone through extensive testing, including many design updates to ensure that you receive the best product we can offer.  Below is a concept of the first Bean Seeker:

Our manufacturer is ready to fulfill the orders promised though the Kickstarter campaign. Their facility has been producing the Kaleido brand of coffee roasters which we have been distributing throughout the United States.