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Monza Drain Kit


The Monza Drain Kit is an optional accessory to the Monza Deluxe Super Automatic. It hooks up under the Monza platform base, which is required to be purchased as well. Now, you can save precious time instead of draining into the drip tray. **NOTE**: The...

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Baratza Shut-Off Hopper


This hopper is NOT compatible with all the Vario grinders. If you're wondering whether it will fit yours, send your serial number to to check. Baratza's polished "Shut-Off Hopper" has a capacity of 300 grams (0.65 lbs.), 20% more...

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Cafelat Tamping Mat Corner


This Cafelat tamping mat rests at the edge of your countertop, making it easy for better controlled tamping. The tamping mat is made of FDA silicone, which will wipe off clean if any coffee spills on it. These mats have been extensively tested and they...

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In Tank Softening Pouch


Simply remove the "Oscar" (short for Osmotic Scale Reduction) from the protective packaging, rinse it under some cold water, and place the softener on the bottom of the water reservoir and fill it with water. It is that easy to install. By means of...

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Full Circle

Full Circle Milk Wash


Like all Full Circle™ products, Full Circle™ Milk Wash is completely phosphate free, all ingredients are renewable, sustainable and naturally occurring, and every bottle is made from recycled packaging with a digitally printed label. A...

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