Mavea Purity C300 Filter System


Mavea Purity C water filter systems comes standard with a filter head, a carbonate hardness test kit, and a cartridge. The filter head on top of the system allows 100% of the water to be filtered through a 5 micro carbon filter, including bypass water...

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Espresso Outlet

Home Barista Basics Accessory Kit


This kit includes the following accessory items: 1x Caffe Arts™ 30 lb Calibrated Tamper - Black, 58mm 1x Caffe Arts™ Home Barista Steaming / Frothing Pitcher - 600ml / 20oz 1x Caffe Arts™ Home Barista Steaming /...

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Quick Mill

Monza Platform


The Monza Platform raises the Monza Deluxe Super Automatic to a height of 21". It is for those who wish to elevate the machine above the counter for easy cleaning and/or who wish to connect an optional drain. **NOTE**: The Monza Platform is necessary...

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Mavea FlowMeter 10-100A


This FlowMeter measures the amount of water that passes through your filter/softening system. Softening systems are rated to remove a specific number of grains of hardness. Based on the hardness of your water, i.e. the number of grains of hardness per...

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