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Why Us? - Top 6 Reasons

Why Us? - Top 6 Reasons

1. Best Deals 

To get the best special deals, email sales@espressooutlet.net or call 734-478-5952.

2. Free Shipping >$39

We offer free shipping in the 48 continuous states. No competitor we are aware of offers free shipping for orders below $49. Exceptions to free shipping are commercial espresso machines, machines that require pallet shipping, and expedited shipping.

3. 45 Day Return Policy 

We have a 45 day money back return policy on espresso machines and grinders designed for home use (exceptions below). Unlike our competitors – this is a 45 day trial period. Most competitors only allow 45 day returns if the product hasn’t been used. Many competitors will also charge expensive restocking fees if you read the fine print. The customer will receive a refund if the item is returned in like new condition, with all accessories that came with it, with all original, undamaged packaging, clean and packaged according to the specifications we provide. If the product is returned in this condition you will receive a full refund minus all shipping costs. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee as outlined in our terms and conditions if the product is not returned as specified above.

There are the following exceptions to the 45 day return period: La Cimbali Junior Casa, Vesuvius by Ambient, Vibiemme Double Domobar V4, Rocket R60, Rancilio Epoca, parts, accessories and all products listed under the commercial business section, here http://www.espressooutlet.net/commercial-machines/. For these exceptions all sales are final. See our terms and conditions for additional details.

4. Free Barista Skills Review

When you get your new equipment, do you want to make sure you are doing everything right? Or are you new to espresso? Order from Espresso Outlet and get a free Barista Skills Review. Simply take a short video (5 to 10 minutes) of your entire espresso drink making process after you get your machine and grinder and we'll review it and provide improvement feedback. Available to purchasing customers only within first 60 days of receiving the product. Complete form here.

5. Warranty at Authorized Service Center

Warranty repairs are done at authorized U.S. warranty service center.

6. Family Owned and Operated

Learn about the company/owners here. We know and love espresso! When you talk to someone from our larger competitors, you may not be talking to an espresso lover. So when they make recommendations, they are typically making them as a salesperson, not as someone that loves and uses the products themselves. When you call us and ask for a recommendation or advice, you will most likely talk to Joe Kolb, the owner who loves espresso and has used and operated countless espresso machines and grinders. He speaks from experience. 


7042 Indian Wells Drive, Ypsilanti MI 48197
Mon thru Fri EST 10am to 4:30pm. Closed holidays and weekends

Content By Joe Kolb | Published By +Espresso Outlet