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ROK Espresso Maker - Hand Powered Espresso Machine

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 Product Description

Product Description

The ROK espresso maker is a unique piece of equipment that is ultra-long lasting and environmentally friendly. The material the espresso maker is made from is engine grade metal. The manufacturer is so confident in the product that they will replace any metal part that breaks during a ten year guarantee period. It is operated entirely by hand, allowing the coffee aficionado to have complete control over the espresso making process. There are no electrical components, helping provide additional longevity and reducing its owners carbon footprint. 

The ROK comes in a unique reusable tin package that adds to the style, look and feel of the maker. It comes with a tamper, measuring spoon, detachable double spout, and stainless steel milk frother. 

It's made with great finesse and high quality craftsmanship that adds to the aesthetics of any home environment.

Making an Espresso with a ROK


How to Make a Latter with a ROK


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How to Make Great Espresso with a ROK

As with any other espresso machine, using good coffee is one of the most important factors producing great espresso. Don’t use pre-ground coffee, it’s just not the same as freshly ground coffee. Pre-ground coffee gets dry and stale as time goes on, altering the flavor, aroma, and ability to produce good crema.

Back pressure is created by coffee grounds being tamped down in the portafilter. The grind size effects the amount of back pressure that is created. If the grind is too fine, creating enough pressure to push water through the grounds will be difficult. If the grind is too course, enough backpressure won’t be created – making the produced espresso taste like “coffee water”. Start with a finer ground coffee and experiment until you’ve reached a grind size that produces good shots of espresso.

Temperature stability is important when making espresso. Since the ROK Espresso Maker doesn’t have it’s own heating element, it is important to warm certain parts of the machine before espresso is extracted. One of the most important parts that should be warmed is the portafilter. You can warm it by putting the front part of it in boiling water before use. The rest of the espresso maker can be warmed by running hot water through the system before espresso is extracted.

Tamping is important. Different tamping pressure is needed for different grind sizes and coffee beans. The machine comes with a plastic tamper. This does the trick, but it’s not ideal. For best results by an after-market tamper, such as the ones available in the accessories section.

Practice and experimentation is critical – but that’s part of the fun!  With an automatic espresso machine, the machine is in control, but with a ROK you are in complete control. It’s up to you to perfect you technique, resulting in better and better shots each time you try.

How Many People Use a ROK Espresso Maker?

Since the machine’s launch a few years ago, over 30,000 people have purchased and loved the innovative product. 

Cleaning the ROK Espresso Maker

Cleaning the ROK Espresso Maker is pretty straightforward.

Basic Cleaning

After each use, take the portafilter off of the machine, and knock the spent coffee out of it into a knock box or similar container (if you have a garden, you may want to save these as they are good for the soil). Once you’ve knocked the grounds out of the portafilter, rinse the portafilter with water. Every once in a while, take the filter basket out and rinse the portafilter and basket separately. When doing this be careful not to lose the metal ring that keeps the filter basket in place. You can also rinse the rest of the machine with water if needed. Do not use heavy cleaning solutions on the machine as it could damage it. Dish soap is fine, but other than that, try not to use chemicals to clean it.

Thorough Cleaning

To thorough clean the ROK, remove the two bolts that connect the plunger to the folding arms, allowing you access to the water cylinder and plunger. Take these out and clean with water and dish soap. After ensuring they are dried properly, insert them back in place and return the arms and bolts to the original location.

With the ROK turned upside down and without the portafilter mounted, locate the rubber diaphragm. Remove the diaphragm by pushing on the center then catching one of the edges that gets pushed up. Clean the diaphragm and the inside of the ROK under where the diaphragm was. Reassemble after making sure all parts are dry.

How to Make Milk Based Drinks with a ROK

The ROK Espresso Maker comes with a hand operated milk frother that allows you to make drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos.

To begin, warm milk to your desired temperature using a heating method you prefer. Put the heated milk in a cup or other drinking device. Fill it to a little over the halfway point. With the handle up, insert the end of the milk frother into the milk. Pump the handle until you’ve achieved the desired amount of aeration and foam. Add espresso in accordance to the drink type of choice.

Included Accessories

The ROK Espresso Maker comes with a portafilter, single espresso splitter, tamper scoop, instruction manual, and storage container for the machine.


It’s hard to beat the warranty that comes with the ROK Espresso Maker. The manufacturer is so confident in their product they provide a 10 year warranty on the machine. 

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