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Rocket Espresso Macinatore Fausto Grinder - Chrome

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 Product Description


The Macinatore Fausto grinder is a great grinder made by Rocket Espresso. Like all their other products, the Macinatore Fausto has outstanding performance while being a work of art in terms of aesthetics. 

Body Material

The case material on this Rocket grinder is made with durable aluminum. 


Noise Level

Aluminum is a very good sound deadening material, so while the grinder still house noise output, it is quieter than grinders with other casing materials. 

Stepless Micrometric Adjustment

The Rocket Fausto is a great grinder for espresso due to the stepless adjustment that allows you to have an infinite number of grind settings between the highest and lowest settings. This allows you to fine tune the grind size to get the ideal extraction from your coffee beans. The micrometric grind adjustment is another benefit. Compared to other grinders with other adjustment mechanisms, such as the collar adjusted Mazzer Mini E Type A, the Rocket Fausto grinder is easier to adjust and you can do so with more precision as it is easier to make micro adjustments. 


Bottom Burr Adjustment

A unique feature on the Rocket Fausto grinder is how the adjustments are made to the grind size. Rather than the top burr being adjusted like in a lot of grinders, when adjustments are made to the grind size, the bottom burr is moved, not the top burr. Why does this matter? Because the calibration remains even during burr cleaning and disassembly. 


Quality 65mm steel burrs provide precise particle size distribution and fast grind times.

Bean Hopper

The hopper on the Rocket Fausto grinder is made with durable clear plastic. 


The hopper cover has a nice fit and is made with durable plastic as well. 


A stop gate feature on the hopper keeps beans from spilling out if you need to remove the hopper for any reason. It also makes it easier to waste less coffee during grind size adjustment. 


Reduced Clumping

Due to the precision design on the Rocket Fausto, clumping is minimal compared to other grinders and the grind size particle distribution is pretty narrow. 



For a single shot, there is a handy single shot button. To start grinding, simply push the single shot button. If you need to pause the grinder during the dose, simply push the button again to pause it. If you wish to start it again to add additional grounds, simply push again and the grinder will "remember" the remaining time to complete the pre-programmed dose. 

For a double shot, simple push the double shot button, which as the same pause functionality that the single dose button has. 

If you wish to manual dose, this is simple as well... Simply push and hold both buttons at the same time. When enough grounds have been dispensed, release the buttons. 

To cancel a dose, simply hold the single or double dose button until it stops flashing. 

Portafilter Rest


Put your portafilter directly on the portafilter rest and start grinding directly into your portafilter. Distance from the chute is not adjustable. 

Large Diameter Catch Tray


Keep your counter-tops clean and with less coffee ground spillage with the large diameter catch tray on this grinder. 


Power Switch

Turning the machine on and off is easy, simply push the blue power switch button in or out. When the machine is on, the a light in side the switch will illuminate.



Dosing Chute

To help the coffee grinds fall more evenly into your portafilter, the Rocket Fausto is equipped with a dosing chute.



Pairs Great with Rocket Espresso Machines

The Rocket Fausto grinder will be a great grinder combination for any other outstanding Rocket espresso machines, such as the Rocket R58 v3 espresso machine. It is also a great option for many of the other machines we sell. 



  • Width 6.5 inches
  • Depth 11 inches
  • Height 17.5 inches
  • Watts 245W
  • Volts 110V
  • RPM of Burrs: 1650
  • Programmability: Yes
  • Case Material: Aluminum
  • NSF Certified: No
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 1.4 pounds
  • Dosing Options: Doserless/Chute Only, Programmable Dosing Functionality
  • Adjustment Configuration: Stepless - Infinite Settings
  • Grinder Style: Burr - Flat Steel
  • Burr Diameter: 65mm
  • Timer or On/Off Switch: Both Timer & On/Off Switch
  • Material: Aluminum

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Ask Us ANYTHING! Call Us: 734-478-5952 or Contact Us
Testimonials | Free Shipping >$29* | 45 DAY RETURNS* | No Sales Tax (Exc. MI) | Business Financing | Shipping Times

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