Rancilio Epoca ST 1 Group Semi-Automatic Home Espresso Machine with Heat Exchanger
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Rancilio Epoca S Tank 1 Commercial Espresso Machine

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 Product Description

*For Home Use Only

The Rancilio Epoca ST espresso machine is designed for the home user who wants an espresso machine that offers the same durability and performance of a commercial espresso machine. Rancilio Group’s commercial product line is considered by many to be the highest quality, best performing machines in the world. Rancilio took their commercial design and technology advancements and applied it to the Rancilio Epoca. The high quality components and durable body construction provide prosumers with an espresso machine they will love and use for years.

Brass Boiler and Heat Exchanger

The Rancilio Epoca ST 1 is equipped with a huge 3.9 liter brass boiler that has a 1600 watt heating element – more than enough capacity and power for brewing and steaming. The heat exchanger technology on the machine allows for a no wait transition between brewing and steaming and the extra-large boiler allows more usage before requiring a refill.

Easy to Use, Commercial Quality Controls

The controls on the Rancilio Epoca ST have outstanding simplicity while having commercial grade quality. A simple switch turns the espresso machine on and off and the brewing process can be started and stopped with a simple push button control.

Indicator Lights

Three indicator lights keep the user informed of the machines temperature, water level and on-state.


Included with the machine are a single portafilter with a single shot basket, a double portafilter with a double shot basket, a measuring scoop, a plastic tamper, and owner’s manual.

Chrome Plated Steam Control Lever

The steam control lever on the Rancilio Epoca ST 1 allows users to fine tune the steam output on the espresso machine, allowing you to achieve perfect froth and texture for your milk based drinks. Positioned upwards, the steam output will be in a completely open position. Positioned downward, the steam output is very fine.

Easy Clean Drip Tray with Less Emptying

The large drip tray on the Rancilio Epoca ST 1 allows more drinks to be made after it has been emptied. The tray has a protective coating and a stainless steel grid cover that can be easily removed and cleaned.

Cup Warmer

The cup warmer on the Rancilio Epoca holds up to 15 espresso cups, which is more than most similar espresso machines in its class, making it an ideal machine for large gatherings. Making espresso in warm cups is an important aspect of making espresso and espresso related drinks that taste great. The large capacity boiler provides more than enough radiant heat to keep the cup warmer warm!

Water Reservoir and Filter

A durable plastic reservoir on the espresso machine has a 2 liter capacity and is accessible via the top of the machine and can be filled during operation. It also has a tank filter that ensures the water is free of impurities. This not only ensures that drink flavor isn’t affected by poor water quality, but it also helps reduce lime scale deposits on machine components.

Beautiful Italian Body Design

The Rancilio Epoca’s design was inspired by some of the best espresso machine artisans in the world. With the sleek style, one look at the body shell makes this quite apparent. It is designed of durable, scratch proof material that will ensure long lasting beauty and performance.

Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions

The user manual that comes with the Rancilio Epoca provides maintenance instructions, but in general, the steam wands should be kept clean by wiping them down after use, cleaning the filter basket every few days, washing the drip tray (dishwasher safe), brushing the brew basket after use, and backflushing the group head every couple days.


110 volts / 1600 watts


18.9 H x 22 D x 15.2 W


62 lbs

Three Way Solenoid Valve

A commercial grade solenoid valve on the Rancilio Epoca removes water from the coffee puck immediately after brewing, making a work environment with fewer drips and a portafilter that is easy to empty.

Separate Hot Water Spout

Get all the hot water you need for your tea, Americanos, and other related drinks.

Portafilter and Brew Group with Great Heat Stability

The commercial grade brew group and chrome-plated brass portafilters (comes with single and double spout portafilters) provide amazing heat stability. The high quality components are very durable and can last for years.

Pressure Gauge

A boiler pressure gauge on the front of the Rancilio Epoca provides users with a clear indicator of the bioler’s pressure.

Brass Components – Provide Durability and Temperature Stability

Brass components on the Rancilio Epoca ST, include a large brass boiler, brass water lines, brass fittings and connections and brass chrome-plated portafilters.

Multi-Position Steam Wand

Mounted on a swivel ball joint, the high quality steam wand makes perfecting the art of steaming and frothing seem effortless. 


50/60 Hz

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Ask Us ANYTHING! Call Us: 734-478-5952 or Contact Us
Testimonials | Free Shipping >$29* | 45 DAY RETURNS* | No Sales Tax (Exc. MI) | Business Financing | Shipping Times

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