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La Nuova Era Cuadra Espresso Machine - V2

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 Product Description

La Nuova introduces the Era Cuadra Espressor Machine V2, an impressive Italian espresso machine that offers many attractive features such as a heat exchanger (HX) with E61 grouphead system for simultaneous steaming and brewing, a 1.8 liter insulated copper boiler with pressure gauge, no-burn steam and hot water wands, a 3-liter water reservoir with automatic pressure safety valve shut-off during lower water levels as well as a convenient water fill feature that allows users to refill the tank without moving the machine from under cabinets. This machine is commercial grade and ETL listed and is perfect for light commercial uses such as in an office. This durable, reliable machine delivers tasty and true Italian espresso.


The frame is constructed from top-notch, durable stainless steel. The beautiful, sleek frontal aspect of this unit is composed of polished chrome while the back panel sports a lovely satin finish. The unit also has a stainless steel drip tray and cup warmer. The unit is only 15 inches in height, making it perfect to fit in your home.


This espresso machine is equipped with the celebrated heat exchanger (HX) E61 grouphead system, enabling heated water to be transported back and forth from the heat exchanger right through the grouphead. This superior technology delivers superior performance and extraction, allowing users to simultaneously steam the milk and pull espresso without alteration in steam power or having to wait for the water to re-heat between actions. This unit also has a manual 3 way grouphead valve which permits serial extractions of the brew. As with many other E61 espresso machines, this appliance takes approximately 20 minutes to warm up to the proper temperature before use and is not equipped with a timer.


The insulated copper boiler provides a generous source of steam power more than sufficient. The steam pressure is regulated by a XP700 Mater pressurestat and the automatic water refill function is operated with a parker soilenoid valve. This unit also features an anti-vacuum valve, which as the name implies eradicates any vacuum pressure after the machine has cooled off. The pressure gauge is easy to read and is located on the front of the espresso machine.


A nice feature on this unit is the cool-to-touch, no-burn steam and hot water wands. The wands are also designed to swivel 180 degrees so that users can use different sizes of cups or mugs while frothing. The manufacturer does however recommend restricting the release of water to 4 ounces at once, this is to maintain a proper fill volume in the boiler.


A common design of many espresso machines is to have the vital components such as its pump, computer, and solenoid valve located near the top of machine, exposing these critical elements to water damage and heat. By simply relocating these mechanisms to the base within a stainless steel shield, La Nuova has safeguarded the machine and ensured longer-lasting life of these parts.


La Nuova has thoughtfully crafted this machine’s water system with some unique features that make operation efficient, safe, and simple. This appliance contains a 3L water tank which does not have a direct plumb option. While the tank can be removed for refilling and maintenance, as part of the Cuadra package, La Nuova provides a useful refill spout tool which allows the user to conveniently refill the water reservoir without having to pull the tank out of the machine (thus having to remove espresso cups from the warmer or moving the machine to reach under the kitchen cabinets). A safety feature that ensures a long machine life is a special pressure switch located under the water tank that can sense when water is too low and automatically power the machine off.


  • Recommended for home or office use
  • ETL Listed
  • Made in Italy
  • 25 ounce capacity stainless steel drip tray with plastic insert for easy cleanup
  • Stainless steel cup warmer tray
  • Boiler capacity of 1.8 liters
  • Water tank capacity of 0.79 gallons
  • Automatic anti-limestone filter in water reservoir
  • Easy-to-access power switch located on front panel with green light power indicator
  • Backflush capable



  • 1 - 58 mm brass dual-spout portafilter with commercial grade plastic handle
  • Single dose 58 mm filter basket
  • Double dose 58 mm filter basket
  • Rubber blackflush disc
  • Plastic tamper
  • Coffee measuring scoop
  • Grouphead cleaning brush
  • Removable electrical cord for 110 volt outlet
  • Water softener
  • Instructional manual
  • Watertank refill spout



  • Height: 15 inches
  • Width: 14.5 inches
  • Depth: 17 inches
  • Weight 38 pounds
  • Power 1200 watts
  • Operates under 110-120 volts


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Ask Us ANYTHING! Call Us: 734-478-5952 or Contact Us
Testimonials | Free Shipping >$29* | 45 DAY RETURNS* | No Sales Tax (Exc. MI) | Business Financing | Shipping Times

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