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Izzo Alex Duetto 3.0 Espresso Machine

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Discontinued. See Duetto 4

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 Product Description

The Alex Duetto 3 has been discontinued. Please see the newly updated Alex Duetto 4!


  • Two Year Parts/Labor Warranty - One year standard warranty and one year extended warranty
  • Free U.S. shipping except Alaska/Hawaii
  • No Sales Tax*
  • One single portafilter
  • One single filter basket
  • One double portafilter
  • One double filter basket
  • Blank for backflushing
  • Metal Tamper
  • Direct plumb water connection kit
  • Optional Direct connect drain kit
  • Caffe Izzo Arabica Gold Coffee
  • Caffe Izzo Silver Coffee

Product Description

The Izzo Alex Duetto 3.0 is a high performance semi-automatic espresso machine that combines traditional aesthetics with the best technology available for this type of espresso machine. It is a great machine for the coffee aficionado – at home or for the office.

With features including a powerful double boiler system, rotary pump, PID controller, E-61 grouphead, and flexible water source options, it is difficult to find another machine that has better features than the Izzo Alex Duetto 3.0.

Dual Boilers with Outstanding Temperature Stability and Consistency

The double boiler system on this machine was designed to keep the prosumer happy. Each of the boilers is dedicated to a separate function – one is for the brew group and the other is for steaming. Each boiler is made of high quality copper with double insulated for superior temperature consistency.

Each boiler can be operated independently allowing users to brew and steam simultaneously. The temperature of each boiler can even be adjusted separately with an advanced PID controller that provides temperature control within one degree Fahrenheit.

The heating element on the steaming boiler operates with 1200 watts of power, which is more than enough to produce the dry steam needed to make incredible cappuccinos and lattes. The heating element on the brewing boiler operates with 800 watts of power. If one boiler isn’t needed, the other boiler can be left inactive, providing energy conservation.

Each boiler has a large capacity – the brew boiler with a 0.8 liter capacity and the steam boiler with 1.8 liter capacity – allowing you to make drink after drink with little to no down time.

Quiet Operation with a Rotary Pump

For the best user experience possible, the Izzo Alex Duetto III is equipped with a powerful rotary pump. Most espresso machines come with vibratory pumps that can be quite loud during operation. Rotary pumps like the one on this machine are much quieter during operation, making it ideal for an office environment or a home environment where noise level is an issue.

Large Water Reservoir with Direct Plumb Option

The Izzo Alex Duetto III has a 2.4 liter capacity water reservoir that is equipped with a sensor that monitors the water level. If the water levels get too low, the sensor will switch the machine off, protecting the boiler heating elements and other machine components from overheating, which could cause catastrophic damage to your valuable investment.

For ultimate convenience, a direct plumbing kit is included with the machine. If your home or office setup allows you to, the kit will allow you to connect your machine to a direct water supply line. With this connection you will never have to fill your water reservoir again! That doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you want to though, after a direct water line connection has been set up, you can still use the water reservoir with a flip of a switch.

Advanced PID Temperature Control System

You’ll have ultimate temperature control with the advanced temperature control system on this machine. The PID system allows you to:

  • Turn each boiler off individually
  • Control the temperature of the brew and steam boiler with the precision of one degree Fahrenheit
  • Change the operation mode between 15 amp or 20 amp
  • Change how temperature is displayed – between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Program offset between each boiler

Available in 15 amp and 20 amp Versions

Please specify which version you would like in order form comments. If you are unsure, we will provide direction on how to choose the option that is right for you.


Pre-infusion is a process that pre-wets the coffee in the portafilter immediately prior to extraction. Many coffee aficionados believe this improves the flavor and aroma of coffee once extracted.

Commercial Grade E61 Brew Group

E61 brew groups are legendary! The have superior temperature stability and are an important aspect in producing the best flavor possible. To keep the brew group’s temperature consistent, even during times when the machine is idle, the group head has a thermal siphon feature that stabilizes the temperature.

Video: Comparison of the Alex Duetto II and the Alex Duetto III


Video: Latte Art with an Alex Duetto


Video: Alex Duetto II Video Overview

While this isn't about the Alex Duetto III, it gives a good overview of the Alex Duetto II. For the differences between the Alex Duetto II and the Alex Duetto III, watch the comparison video. This is a video from our distributor, Chris Coffee Service. 


Manufacturers Video

Additional Features

  • Large 32oz removable drip tray (includes optional drain kit if so desired)
  • Quiet and more reliable SSR Power Relay
  • Red indicator lights clearly marked so you can tell which boiler is receiving power
  • Rubber insulating boots over heating element ends for safety
  • Beautiful stainless steel curved body styling and construction, including the frame
  • Smaller, recessed heater lights
  • Drip tray has catch tray on back, easy to slide in
  • No-Burn articulating steam arm
  • No-Burn articulating hot water arm
  • 4 different style tips (1- 2 hole, 2- 4 hole,1-5 hole)  
  • Stainless steel base 58mm tamper 
  • 15 or 20 amperage operational mode
  • Ergonomic angled portafilters, for ease of use
  • Cup warmer tray with rails, better ventilation
  • Reinforce front to reduce flexing
  • Discharge into drip tray goes down instead of forward, silicone tube no longer visible
  • Easy access expansion valve

 Other Details

Best Use:
Small Restaurant \ Office \ Home
EE \ Semi-Automatic
Dual boiler (2.6 liter): Steam Boiler (1.8 liter capacity, 1200 watt heating element) \ Group Boiler (0.8 liter capacity, 800 watt heating element)
Cup Size:
Traditonal Cup
1 Group
Output Capacity:
20 Espressos Per Hour
PID Temperature Controller:
PID controller for the group boiler (with 1.0 degree Fahrenheit adjustment). PID controller also controls the steam boiler temperature (and thus pressure)
Plumbing / Tank:
Reservoir (2.4 liter) / Plumbing option (low water sensor (cuts power to heater)
Extremely quiet rotary pump
Red indicator lights clearly marked so you can tell which boiler is receiving power
Drain Tray:
Large removable drip tray (includes option to drain if desired)
Hot Water Spigot:
1 Stainless steel no burn hot water spigot
Steam Arms:
1 Stainless steel steam arm with 4-hole steam tip and .9mm holes
Amps / Volts:
15 or 20 Amp operational mode \ 110 Volts
1200 Watt steam boiler \ 800 Watt group boiler
Polished Steel
See product description
Optional drain kit included.

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Ask Us ANYTHING! Call Us: 734-478-5952 or Contact Us
Testimonials | Free Shipping >$29* | 45 DAY RETURNS* | No Sales Tax (Exc. MI) | Business Financing | Shipping Times

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