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Izzo Alex Leva vs Izzo Pompei vs Quick Mill Achille Lever Espresso Machine Comparisons


Below is a comparison between the main features of these three machines. 

> Cup warmer – the Quick Mill Achille has a stainless steel cup warmer. The Izzo Alex Leva has a double decker stainless steel cup warming tray (can be replaced with a smaller, lower cup warming tray). The Pompei has a stainless steel cup warming tray.

> Steam/Hot Water Wands – the Quick Mill Achille has no burn wands. The Alex Leva has no burn wands also. The Pompei has traditional steam and hot water wands.

> Lever action – the Quick Mill Achille is a manual spring lever action. The Alex Leva is also a spring lever. The Pompei is a mechanical lever action machine

> Water tank – The Achille has a 3 liter water tank with easy access hinged cover and also has the option to be direct connected. The Alexa Leva has no water tank option and can only be direct plumbed. The Pompei is plumbed only.

> Pump – The Achille has a Rotary Pump to fill the boiler only. The Alex Leva does not have a water pump and uses thermosiphon to fill the boiler. The Pompei also does not have a pump and uses thermosiphon to fill the boiler.

> Approvals – the Achille has CE approvals only. The Pompei has CE approvals only.

> Weight – the Achille is 88 lbs. The Pompei is 135 lbs.

> Electrical – The Achille is 15 amps with 1400 watt heating element. The Alex Leva is a 20 amp only machine with 1750 watt heating element. The Pompei is a 20 amp machine with a 1750 watt heating element.

> PID – the Achille does not have a PID. The Izzo Alex Leva has a PID. The Pompei does not have a PID.

> Boiler pressure gauge – The Achille has a gauge. The Alex Leva has a boiler pressure gauge. The Pompei has a gauge.

> Boiler – The Achille has a 4.5 liter copper single boiler with TEA coating. The Alex Leva has a 5 liter single boiler. The Pompei has a 5 liter boiler.

> Tamper – The Alex Leva comes with a quality tamper and other accessories.

> Drain Tray – Optional for plumping on the Achille. The drain tray on the Alex Leva also has option to drain. The Pompei has a plumbed drip tray. 


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