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Make the Perfect Espresso Shot

Good video from About.com on making the perfect shot of espresso.

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Lever Espresso Machines Introduction

Great video by Dan Kehn from home-barista.com on lever espresso machines. 

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Heat Exchanger vs. Double Boiler Espresso Machines

Great video by Dan Kehn from home-barista.com on the difference between Heat Exchanger and Double Boiler Espresso Machines.

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Coffeefusion Tutorials - Cleaning for Better Coffee

Good video on clean essentials that are important for the best coffee drinks. 

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Coffeefusion Tutorials - Latte Art Basics!

Good overview video from Coffeefusion on Latte Art Basics.

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Coffeefusion Tutorials - Texturing Milk!

Here is a good video from Coffeefusion on texturing milk.

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Coffeefusion Tutorials - Pulling Great Shots

Below is a good video from Coffeefusion on how to pull great shots of espresso. 

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Rocket Giotto Evoluzione and Nuova Simonelli Musica Comparison

In terms of aesthetics, it’s hard to beat the beauty of the Rocket Giotto. It has a classier, more high end look when compared to the Musica.The Musica has a slightly larger boiler and water tank, but by very little.The Rocket Giotto has an E61 brew head, the Musica does not. The E61 brew group is a plus for [...]

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