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What should I look for in an espresso grinder?

There are a lot of variables and specifications that can come into play when choosing a grinder, but in general for a good grinder, you want one that will do a good job grinding with a small grind size (espresso grind size is quite small, a cheap grinder will struggle and wear out quickly), the [...]

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How can you tell if an outlet is 15amp or 20 amp?

Here is what a 20 amp outlet looks like vs a 15amp:20 amp outlets have one receptacle with a T shape.Most kitchens have 20 amp breakers and wiring, but they tend to use 15 amp receptacles. If you have the right wiring and have only 15 amp [...]

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Super Automatics Heat Up Faster Than Other Machine Types, Why?

Yes, many of the super automatic machines heat up faster, but many of them are made with poor quality materials and components that allow them to heat up faster. Many of the super autos don't even have true boilers, they have thermoblocks. Thermoblocks heat cold water [...]

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My Ascaso Dream UP has water coming from the steam wand when I try to steam

When you switched from brewing to steaming, did you flip the steam switch, then open the steam valve to purge it, then close it again. After closing it again, you would watch the temperature gauge until it went up from brew temperature (200 degree fahrenheit) to [...]

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Can we grind flavored whole bean coffee in our grinder?

I don't recommend that with any conical or flat burr grinder. If you like flavoring, I recommend getting a bottle of vanilla flavoring or similar flavoring and adding after brewing your espresso and steaming milk. It's very hard to get rid of residue from flavored beans, which will get [...]

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What is the difference between the single and double cup buttons on the La Spaziale Vivaldi II?

You can program either to whatever volume you want. Some people use for single and double, others use for different double volumes, etc. If you look through the manual you'll find instructions on volumetric dosing.

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What is the difference between the Mazzer Mini Doser and the Fiorenzato F4 Grinders?

The Mazzer has a doser vs the Fiorenzato F4 being doserless and having programmable dosing. A doser is decent but a lot of people are moving away from them as the retain more grinds in the dosing chamber. The next time the doser is used these [...]

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Is a calibrated tamper necessary?

The Espro calibrated tamper is a great tool to help you tamp consistently. Consistency is important when making espresso - when you try to change something such as grind size, you'll know it's the grind size that made the difference in flavor, etc, not the tamping [...]

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What is the difference between the boilers of the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo, Rocket R58 v2, and the VMB Double Domobar v4?

The Vetrano 2B Evo boiler specs are: Steam Boiler (1.4 liter capacity, 1400 watt heating element) \ Group Boiler (0.75 liter capacity, 800 watt heating element) Copper & Brass boilers with T.E.A coating.  The Rocket R58 v2 boiler specs [...]

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Do 15 amp double boiler espresso machines work well in North America?

While it's true that 15amp doesn't heat as quickly as the European 220 volt systems, the double boiler machines that run on 15 amp do fine for most use cases... If you are making multiple drinks in a row such as when you [...]

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