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1 Group Comparison - Rocket Boxer vs Appia II vs La Spaziale S2 vs La Pavoni PUB Espresso Machines

How does the Rocket Boxer 1 Group Compare to Similar Espresso Machines in it's Class?Features of the Rocket Boxer 1 Group: Thermosiphon System: Advanced heating system that works to maintain temperature stability in the group head for an optimal espresso shot every time. So water is continuously circulated from the boiler up [...]

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Why Do Espresso Machines or Grinders Get Damaged During Shipping?

Q: My machine arrived and didn't work correctly, was it inspected before it was sent?A: Yes, All machines are tested before they are shipped and go through a rigorous checklist to ensure everything is working as expected. It is very costly for the manufacturer, distributor and retailer to resolve defective product issues, so a lot [...]

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Orchestrale Nota vs Rocket Giotto (or Cellini) Premium Plus with PID Espresso Machines

Comparison between the Orchestrale Nota and the Rocket Giotto (or Cellini) Premium Plus with PID Espresso Machines.> The Orchestrale Nota is very unique looking machines, compared to the Premium Plus that has a more traditional/common looking design. The tempered glass side panels versions make it even more unique.> The Nota is switchable between tank and [...]

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Rocket Appartamento vs Rocket Cellini (or Giotto) Premium Plus v3 Espresso Machines

What is the difference between the Rocket Cellini (or Giotto) Premium Plus v3 and the Rocket Appartamento?Comparing the Rocket Cellini Premium Plus to the Rocket Appartamento:> The Premium Plus has a insulated boiler. The Appartamento does not. A non-insulated boiler will heat the entire machine up. This can make it hot to touch externally and internal components longevity can [...]

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Quick Mill Alexia Evo vs ECM Germany Classika Espresso Machines

What is the difference between the Quick Mill Alexia Evo and the ECM Germany Classika Espresso Machines?Both machines are pretty similar. Both have single boilers, e61 group heads, and PIDs with shot timers. Both have a compact design and are well built. [...]

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Rocket R58 v2 vs Izzo Alex Duetto 4 Espresso Machine

What is the difference between the Rocket R58 and the Izzo Alex Duetto 4 espresso machines?> The Duetto is a little bigger machine then the Rocket R58. Alex Duetto 4 is about 2 inches wider. The Duetto design is also kind of "squat". The space under portafilter on the the Rocket R58 is more than [...]

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ECM Technika Profi IV vs Rocket Giotto or Cellini Evoluzione v2

What is the difference between the ECM Germany Technika Profi IV and the Rocket Giotto or Cellini Evoluzione v2?First off, the difference between the Rocket Cellini Evoluzione v2 and the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione v2 is just body style design. Here are some differences between the Technika Profi IV and either of the Rocket Evoluzione v2 machines:> [...]

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Vesuvius by Ambient vs. Rocket R60v Espresso Machines

What is the difference between the Vesuvius and the Rocket R60?> The Vesuvius has a built in digital control pad, the Rocket R60 has a stand alone unit that can be disconnected after use and put out of sight. Some people prefer the dis-connectable unit as it preserves the traditional feel of the machine. > The Rocket [...]

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What Are Some Good Resources to Get Started with a New Machine / Grinder?

Here is a good guide to helping you diagnose problems during extraction to fine tune your espresso: https://www.home-barista.com/espresso-guide-diagnose-extraction-problems.html Here is a link to "barista techniques". It's multiple pages, so watch for the link at the bottom. https://www.home-barista.com/espresso-guide-skills.html [...]

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My Rocket Espresso Machine Brew Boiler PID Factory Setting Is At 221F, Isn't That Too High?

The factory setting is correct. It should be set at the equivalent to 221F, why? Because there is an offset differential. As the water goes from the boiler to the grouphead, the water cools. Rocket decided to have the PID temp read at the boiler for [...]

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