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Difference Between GEN3 and GEN4 Wilbur Curtis Twin Airpot Brewers


To keep the answer as simple as possible, the main reason for GEN4 is the touchscreen, icon driven options and multiple brew recipes/ names/brew sizes that can be assigned to different coffees. This is for the more discerning type customer or one that wants those options in the future. Once recipes are programmed, they can be saved to a USB and then downloaded to other GEN4 brewers if needed.

Also, the brew basket is larger (12.5” x 4” filter) and is more targeted for customers looking to brew close to SCAA Gold Cup standards with higher coffee throws. Up to 8 or 9 ounces of grounds per brew. Has a bypass option for fine tuning a 1 gallon batch.

The GEN 3 has one brew setting per side. It does have pre-infusion and pulse settings to maximize the brew. It has deluxe brew baskets (12.31”x 4.38” paper filter) that works best with up to 7 or 8 ounces of coffee.

Quick Mill QM67 Evo vs Expobar Brewtus IV (Vibratory) Espresso Machine Comparison

The Quick Mill QM67 Evo is frequently compared to the Expobar Brewtus IV with vibratory pump. The following is a comparison of the main features.Best UseBoth machines are best suited for home use and are not intended for commercial use of any sort. They would work for a small office, but not more than a few daily users.ApprovalsNeither machine [...]

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Baratza Grinder Comparison: Encore, Virtuoso, Sette 270, Sette 270 W, Vario, Vario W, Forte AP and Forte BG

We are often asked about how the Baratza grinders compare to each other. The home user level grinders are the Encore, Virtuoso, Sette 270, and Sette 270 W. Prosumer models are usually considered the Sette 270, Sette 270 W, Vario and Vario W. The Forte AP and Forte BG are the commercial grinders, although they [...]

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Espresso Machine Tamper Size Recommendations

The following tamper sizes are for reference, but we don't quarantee them as manufacturers change things without notice and there are numerous machines on the market, so it's hard to be specific about every one. Suggested Tamper Size Machine Brand Home/Commercial 49 Delonghi (Old models) Home 49 La Pavoni Lever (Pre-mel) Home 49 Cremina Home 49 Olympia Club Home 49 Olympia Express Home 51 Bodum Granos Home 51 Gaggia Factory Levers Home 51 La Pavoni Lever (Post-mel) Home 52 Starbucks Barista Home 53 La Spaziale Home / Commercial 53 Faema [...]

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Rocket Espresso Machine Comparisons

Someone asked for a basic comparison between the Rocket espresso machine line up. The following is a comparison of the main differences. There are other small differences between them, but this is an good overview comparison of the most important feature differences.Appartamento - good heat exchange machine. It doesn't have a PID and the boiler [...]

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Best Coffee One Liners / Quotes

A day without coffee is like... Just kidding. I have no idea.Coffee. Because adulting is hard.I love it when the coffee kicks in and I realize what an adorable badass I'm going to be today.I like big cups and I cannot lieCoffee helps me maintain my "never killed anyone" streak.Ways to win my heart: 1. [...]

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Recommended Coffee Shop Equipment List

Below is a list of recommended equipment for an average sized coffee shop. If you have a larger shop, you may need additional quantities.1x Commercial espresso machine1x Regular espresso grinder1x Decaf espresso grinder1x Brew / Drip / French Press grinder1x Bagged coffee grinder2x Tampers2x Steaming thermometers1x Electronic scale1x Large knockbox2x 12oz pitchers2x 20oz pitchers2x Measuring [...]

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Compak E5 Grinder vs Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Grinder

Here is a comparison between the Compak E5 Grinder and the Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A Grinder.Owners Personal PreferenceCompak E5 due to the larger motor, cooler grinding and reduced height. Grind AdjustmentBoth grinders have stepless micrometrical grind adjustment. Number of Grind SettingsBoth grinders are stepless, so they have an infinite number of grind settings.Programmable DosingBoth grinders have programmable dosing. [...]

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La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II vs Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machines

Here is a comparison between the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine and the Breville BES920XL Double Boiler Espresso Machine:> Steam wand – The steam wand on the Mini Vivaldi is a traditional stainless steel steam wand. The BES920XL has a traditional steam wand with a 3 hole tip. Comparing the Mini Vivaldi and the BES920XL’s [...]

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Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo vs Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machines

Below is a comparison between the  Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo and the Quick Mill QM67 Evo:Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Photo:Quick Mill QM67 Evo Photo: Identification Model Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Quick Mill QM67 Evo Manufacturer Quick Mill Quick Mill Best Use Office \ Home Office / Home Engineering Approvals     Automation EE \ Semi-Automatic EE \ Semi-Automatic Boiler Single insulated copper heat exchange boiler with T.E.A coating (1.6 liter). Brew coffee and [...]

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