Elektra Mini Verticale Espresso Machine - 2 Model Choices, A1C or A1
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Elektra Mini Verticale Espresso Machine

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 Product Description

One year manufacturer's warranty PLUS one year extended warranty.

NOTE: For home use only. These machines are hand crafted and may have slight indentations or surface "blemishes" that add to uniqueness of the machine. Please also review Notes and Warning section.

The Elektra Mini Verticale is a gorgeous semi-automatic espresso machine that is modeled after an upright commercial espresso machine called the “Belle Epoque”. The “Belle Epoque” is a beautiful, classy espresso machine that is very popular in coffee shops in Italy and the rest of Europe. The Elektra Mini Verticale looks and functions very similarly to the “Belle Epoque” but is designed for the home users – with a smaller, more compact design and a 110 volt hookup.

Beauty isn’t the only thing this machine has to offer – it can produce espresso that tastes as good as the machine looks!

One of the key features of this espresso machine is the brass boiler. The boiler provides heated wanted for espresso extraction and steam for making drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Brass is a great material for espresso machine boilers as it’s a material that provides excellent temperature stability, which is an important aspect of creating amazing espresso.  

To make cleaning easier, the drip tray and cover are removable. The rest of the machine should simply be wiped down with a soft cloth to prevent any damage to the polished look.

Accessories included with the espresso machine include a coffee scoop, a 1 cup filter  basket, a 2 cup filter basket and a dual-spout portafilter. It also comes with a plastic tamper, which can work, but it is recommended that you purchase a higher quality metal tamper for best results.

Each machine is an impressive 27” tall and 15” wide and is topped with a handmade, one of a kind American Eagle.  A unique cup warming feature is included on the machine, with a tray under the dome that is designed to hold the espresso cups.

The machine has a 2 liter water tank capacity with a manual refill switch for the boiler. Water is delivered the boiler and the boiler is refilled through a high quality water pump.

Two Model Choices

  • A1C Chrome – Clearcoat finish on chrome plated exterior. Should only be cleaned with a damp terry cloth.
  • A1 Copper/Brass – Dome and base are made with brass and body panels are made with copper. Exterior parts have a clearcoat finish that should only be cleaned with a damp terry cloth to protect the finish.


Warranty is two year parts and labor and is limited to manufacturer’s defects. One thing to remember when using these machines – always use soft water! Hard water causes mineral build up, which is very damaging to a machine. Any evidence of hard water usage will immediately void the warranty. Also, any damage to the heating element caused by a lack of water is not covered. Always make sure there is adequate water in the water reservoir / boiler. Use the machine with at least 25% of water remaining as indicated by the built in sight glass. As the Elektra Mini Verticale espresso machine ages, the color will naturally change. This is not considered a defect and actually adds to the character of the machine.

Forum Discussion

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Additional Features and Specifications

  • Three way solenoid valve allows quick removal of portafilter after espresso extraction.
  • Water reservoir can be removed by removing holding screw attached to bracket and reservoir.
  • Measurements: 27" H x 15" W x 15" D (base included as required for cord).
  • Power: 1000 watts 110 volts 60 Hertz.
  • Weight: 28.6 pounds.


  1. Assembly required: Eagle needs to be attached to dome with screw, washer, and extender.
  2. Cup holding tray under dome fits demitasse cups only - although the tray offers some heat, we do not think any home espresso machine offers enough heat to properly warm up cups.

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Important: Always Use Soft Water!

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