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Ceado E7 Electronic Timer/Doser Coffee Grinder

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 Product Description

Ceado is an up-and-coming Italian manufacturer that is rapidly becoming a favorite among American coffee lovers. The commercial-grade Ceado E7 Electronic Timer/Doser is a grinder that is recognized by consumers for its durability and its innovative feature list including a mechanically-suspended motor for quiet operation with thermo-elastor technology, smooth set-and-see grind adjustment, commercial-grade steel flat grinding burrs and the list goes on! This grinder is ideal for the home prosumer or in a light-medium commercial environment.

Ceado has equipped this grinder with their state-of-the-art sound proofing system. The energy efficient 400 watt motor is enveloped in a casing that is suspended on rubber stands to reduce noise production. The E7 has been shown to be 30% quieter than its competitors.

This unit is equipped with 64mm hardened steel flat grinding burrs that are guaranteed to provide the user with a consistent grind. The innovate thermo-elastor motor rotates the burrs at 1400RPM, ensuring a fast yet accurate grind while reducing heat build-up to protect bean flavor. Not only are the burrs built with quality materials and perform at a high-level, Ceado has designed them to be incredibly easy to access for cleaning and maintenance; most users can have the grinding chamber open and the burrs detached within 60 seconds. A nice attribute of the E7 is its sealed threads, meaning less clogging of the burrs by stray beans. As with other Ceado grinders, once the grinding burrs have been replaced after cleaning and maintenance, there is no need for recalibration, saving valuable time and efficiency.

The set-and-see stepless grind adjustment system makes controlling grind consistency a breeze. Not only does the adjustment lever glide smoothly for easy operation, once the grind setting has been chosen it is delightfully simple to replicate!

The main complaint of many a barista using grinders with a doser/grind reservoir is the mess and waste that occurs with each release of beans—not so with the E7. Inventive conical design of the stainless steel dosing chute prevents messes and wastage of grinds by proficiently dropped grinds directly into the portafilter basket with every deposit. Dosing can be adjusted by 0.5 gram increments from 5.5 to 9 grams per dose by turning knob located inside of the dosing chamber,

Dosing is completely customizable by turning the knob timer to release a certain volume of grind output.

Standing tall and proud at an impressive height of 24 inches, this grinder is not meant to be hidden underneath a kitchen cabinet! At 28 pounds, consumers have likened the durable construction to that of a tank. Built of clear polycarbonate, the bean hopper has a 3.8 lb. capacity. The hopper is removable and has a handy “trap door” feature to close off the opening at the bottom to prevent beans from falling out during removal.


  • NSF and UL Approved
  • Energy efficient
  • 400 watt direct-drive, rectified motor – perpendicular to burrs
  • Quiet performance - mechanically suspended motor and sound-proofed chamber
  • Infinite stepless grind adjustment
  • Flat 64mm hardened steel grinding burrs
  • Easily accessible burrs for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Knob timer to control volume of grinds dispensed
  • Accurate timer for time- based electric grinding
  • 10 ounce capacity dosing chamber with conical-shaped dispensing chute for mess-free dosing
  • 5.5-9 grams dispensed per dose, adjustable by 0.5 gram increments
  • Removable, clear, polycarbonate 3.8 lb. capacity bean hoper
  • Removable built-in tamper
  • Compatible with all portafilter sizes
  • Dimensions: 8.6"W x 24" H x 14.4" D 
  • Weight: 28 lbs 
  • Origin: Italy 

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