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Bezzera Strega Espresso Machine - switchable tank / direct connect, vibration pump

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 Product Description

*For Home Use Only

Bezerra, an established Italian manufacturer that has been producing some of the finest espresso machines in the business for over 100 years, has revolutionized the industry with their Stratega—a non-traditional lever-style espresso machine with a hydraulic spring and ulka-style vibratory pump. This unique combination makes extracting the perfect espresso not only easy for the beginner but it can also be expertly customized by the practiced barista using profiling to produce a world-class brew. This model contains enviable features such as a striking stainless steel body, a dedicated grouphead heating element for temperature consistency, a heat exchanging copper boiler for simultaneous brewing and steaming, very fast, high-powered steam and hot water wands with joystick controls and a large 4 liter water reservoir capable of directly connecting to a water supply. Because of the recovery time necessary following steaming and extraction, this model is not ideal for a fast-paced environment. The large level can also make placement in a small workplace somewhat difficult, so it well suited for the user with the extra headroom to accommodate the size.

As with all Bezzera machines, the amount of design and style that is incorporated into their handicraft is admirable. Composed of AISI 304 stainless steel, the exterior contains no sharp edges only rounded, smooth corners to exhibit a taste of sophistication and class.

The distinguishable feature on this unit is its hard-to-miss lever that is manually operated by the user. The lever does require some effort to use, the user should exercise caution when disengaging the lever from the locked (downward) position as it can move fast and cause injury.

The vibratory pump included on this machine is what makes this unit so innovative. The vibratory pump, which is set at approximately 11 bars, works in conjunction with the lever, which begins at about 9.5 bar and ends at 5.5 bar, to produce unique pressure profiling and an unbeatable flavored extraction. The pump triggers automatic boiler refilling when the lever is locked downwards for pre-infusion.

A key ingredient to any perfect extraction is optimal temperature stability. Bezzera has ensured this important aspect by integrating a dedicated heating element to the Strega’s grouphead.

Another desirable feature on this machine is its thermosyphon heat exchanging system. The Strega is equipped with 2L copper boiler which works in harmony with the heat stored in the lever group cylinder to yield a perfectly constructed brew at an ideal temperature. The heat exchanging technology allows for more efficient use as the user can simultaneously brew and steam.

A feature that has been highly commended by consumers is the Strega’s powerful steaming abilities. The stainless steel wand is capped with a 4-hole tip that has steam generated from the robust boiler to froth an impressive 6 ounces of milk in less than 10 seconds. This machine is capable of producing 45 seconds of steam before an intermittent period of recovery is required. The steam wand is located on the left side of the machine while the hot water wand is located on the right. Both wands pivot on ball joints for maximum multi-directional capacity. Both wands are controlled with joystick-style levers. Intermittent bursts of steam can be produced with a single tap on the lever, or the wand can be locked in the upward position to provide continuous steaming.

While the Strega is equipped with a generous 4L capacity water tank, which is more than sufficient for most users to reduce the need for constant refills, this unit is designed with a handy switchable feature that allows it to be connected directly to the user’s water supply. The reservoir is accessible through the tray located at the top of the machine.


  • Pressurstat to regulate the boiler's steam pressure.
  • Weights located in the lower rear of the interior of the machine for stability while manipulating the lever.
  • Boiler pressure gauge shows the steam pressure in the boiler.


  • Measurements: 27.95" H x 12.99" W x 17.72" D (71 cm H x 33 cm W x 45 cm D).
  • Weight: 63.93 pounds (29 kilograms).
  • Shipping weight: 68.34 pounds (31 kilograms).
  • Power: 1550 watts, 110 volts, 50/60 hertz.
  • Boiler capacity: 0.53 gallons (2 liters).
  • Water tank capacity: 1.06 gallons (4 liters).
  • Portafilter size: 2.28" (58 mm).
  • Nipple for water supply: G 3/8" (9.53 mm).
  • Drain connector diameter: 0.39" (10 mm).
  • Made in Milan, Italy.


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Ask Us ANYTHING! Call Us: 734-478-5952 or Contact Us
Testimonials | Free Shipping >$29* | 45 DAY RETURNS* | No Sales Tax (Exc. MI) | Business Financing | Shipping Times

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