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Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder

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 Product Description

Baratza has fantastically outdone themselves on their commercial Forte AP All Purpose Grinder. Powerful yet compact, this grinder, structured with metal, comes with a modern, stunning stainless steel exterior. The contemporary appearance of the Forte is enhanced with a larger than life, intuitive LED touchscreen. Included with the machine is a grounds bin if the user prefers to measure grounds by weight as well as a portaholder to accommodate if grinding directly into a portafilter. The Forte is operated with flat 54 mm ceramic blades which facilitate a low-heat environment while providing consistent grounds. Versatility is a key quality this machine offers with its 260 stepped adjustments and the ability to dose by time or weight; this machine is capable of brewing all types of coffee. A feature that sets this machine ahead of the crowd is its ability to convert time to weight instantaneously. This grinder showcases an innovative grinding assembly that allows precise, consistent grinds as well as
offers impressive speed (2.0g/sec for espresso), making it a perfect match for the home user as well as the small commercial user.  


The backlighting of the LED screen is activated with one touch. The touchscreen controls are designed to easily assist the user in programming the perfect brew. The Forte permits the user to dose by time or weight (precise to +/- .2 grams).  The touchscreen is easy to navigate using three programmable dose presets, up or down arrows to increase or decrease dose values, and START/STOP, TARE, MANUAL.


An attractive feature on the Forte is the stepped adjustment system. While a novice user may be overwhelmed with the 200+ grind settings, Baratza has made it brilliantly easy for even the most finicky barista to fine-tune the perfect espresso.


A distinguishing feature on the Forte is the capability of converting weight to time instantaneously. This value is accurate within .5 grams of the set point.


The bean hopper capacity is approximately 300g. If you seek a larger capacity, there is an optional extender that can be added that can carry an addition 250g of beans. To help waylay the excessive loss of beans through the removal of the bean hopper, Baratza has designed a special collar piece that prevents the beans from falling out the bottom when the hopper is removed for bean exchange.


Grinds from coarse to fine with 54mm ceramic flat burrs for reliable, accurate grounds. Built with ceramic to reduce heat transfer from the rotation of the blades to the roast. Average grinding speed is 2.0g/sec for espresso and 3.5 to 3.7g/sec for press pot.  Grinding range is 230 to 1150 microns.


Your Forte will arrive pre-calibrated straight from the factory, but re-calibration could not be any easier using the special calibration tool that comes with the machine.


Your Forte will arrive with a cast zinc tool that allows for easy removal of the burrs for cleaning or maintenance purposes. 

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  • Weight and time-based system
  • Weighs to within +/- 0.1 g while grinding
  • 2.1 g/sec for espresso
  • Automatic and exact dosing
  • 54 mm ceramic flat burrs
  • New bean hopper (10 oz. capacity, bean shut-off)
  • 8 ounce grounds bin capacity
  • Heavy duty porta-holder
  • LCD touch-screen user interface
  • Three programmable buttons
  • Macro and micro adjust for fine tuning
  • Powerful, high torque DC motor
  • Manual button
  • All metal grinding chamber and metal enclosure
  • Dimensions: 5 1/4" W x 7" D x 14 1/4" H
  • Weight: 13 lbs.

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