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Ascaso Steel Uno v2 Versatile Espresso Machine

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 Product Description

NOTE: For home use only.

The Ascaso Steel UNO is an espresso machine that is very similar to the Ascaso Steel UNO Professional, but it does have some key differences.

  • 225cc brass boiler, which is smaller than the one of the Professional
  • A 57mm portafilter grouphead and handle
  • A three way solenoid that doesn’t dry the puck out as well as the Professional, but does a better job with E.S.E. pods. If you compare our price with the prices of our competitors, please keep in mind that some versions of the UNO don’t have this solenoid valve and are generally sold for less. We think the solenoid valve is an important feature to have so we don’t sell the variation without the solenoid.

Body Construction

The body of the UNO is made with high quality stainless steel. For aesthetic purposes, the stainless steel has a beautiful brushed finish. Stainless steel is a very durable material that is scratch and rust resistant, permitting long lasting use. The durable steel frame is black enamel painted, providing additional protection from the elements.

Water Reservoir

The 2 liter water reservoir is designed for convient removable from the side of the espresso machine, rather than from the top. A top removable water reservoir isn’t bad to have, but when you operate in a space where you have cabinets above the machine, it can be difficult to remove the reservoir without moving the machine.

Brass Boiler

A 225cc brass boiler that is located above the grouphead provides excellent temperature stability. Brass is one of the best materials for espresso machine boilers due to its ability to hold and maintain temperature.  Additional temperature stability is provided by the boilers location above the brew group.


The portafilter is made with brass for temperature stability and has an ergonomic design with a plastic gripped handle for ease of use.

Front Panel Temperature Gauge

A temperature gauge allows you to monitor the temperature range of the boiler and to achieve repeatable result. Keep in mind that the temperature gauge should be treated as a relative guide, as temperature can vary based on where the temperature is taken. For example, temperature taken had the grouphead can vary with temperature taken in the boiler.

Steaming Features

This espresso machine has several nice steaming features. The first being a swivel mounted steam wand that allows for steaming milk at a wide variety of angles so you aren’t forced to hold the frothing pitcher in a position that isn’t comfortable for you. A frothing aid attachment on the steam wand makes it easy to master the art of steaming milk for drinks like cappuccinos. With the single steam tip attachment, you can steam milk for lattes and other related drinks.

It generally takes between 30 and 60 seconds for the machine to transition from brew mode to steam mode. Steam mode can be turned on by a simple press of a steam switch.

Three Way Solenoid Valve

A three way solenoid valve on the machine is a feature that relieves pressure on the coffee puck and dries it out immediately after extraction has completed. This allows the portafilter to be removed immediately after extraction has completed and makes it easy to knock the coffee puck out of the filter basket. It also allows you to work with fewer drips! Backflushing is also enabled by the solenoid valve.

Slide Out Drip Tray

The slide out drip tray is built with a brushed stainless steel front panel and durable plastic interior. The drip tray cover is attached to the machine and doesn’t come off with the drip tray.

POD Ready

A single dose E.S.E. pod filter basket comes with the machine. The machine can only use this type of pod as double pods and regular pods won’t fit.

Additional Features

  • Three selection switches: power on/off, espresso extracting, and coffee/steam mode.
  • Vent in top rear of machine allow heat near water reservoir to escape.
  • Blue lights indicate power and heating element energized.
  • Passive cup warmer on top with guardrail.

Included Accessories

  • Dual spout filter handle
  • 57mm one cup filter basket
  • 57mm two cup filter basket
  • 57mm plastic tamper
  • 53/57mm Ascaso Aluminum tamper
  • Frothing aid attachment
  • Single hole steam tip attachment
  • POD filter basket
  • Descaler/cleaner packet
  • Instruction manual / quick start guide – keep in mind these are generic instruction manuals produces for models sold worldwide. In some countries actual product design may differ from the designs in the manual. This is because machine  features may be customized to meet individual countries specific needs.


One year parts & labor limited to manufacturers defects

Measurements, Weight, and other Specifications

  • Measurements: 10 1/2" W x 14 1/4" H x 12 3/8" D
  • Approximate Unit Weight with portafilter: 25 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 36 pounds
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 1200W
  • Pump Pressure: up to 16 bar (only 9 bar is needed to make espresso)
  • Coffee thermostat: 100º
  • Steam thermostat 140º
  • Steam pipe protector so one does not burn his/her fingers when touching the steam wand



Please note there is no rail across the top rear of the machine as shown in the picture. The reason is that it can impede the opening of the water reservoir cover.

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Ask Us ANYTHING! Call Us: 734-478-5952 or Contact Us
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