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Ascaso I-2 Conical Burr Grinder - 4 Variations - Black / Aluminum with Doser / Doserless

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  • Ascaso I-2D Polished Alumimum, with Doser
  • Ascaso I-2 Dark Black, Doserless
  • Ascaso I-2 Polished Aluminum, Doserless
  • Ascaso I-2D Dark Black, with Doser

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 Product Description

NOTE: For home use only.

The Ascaso I-2 Grinders are conical wheel espresso grinders that have great performance and aesthetics. While they can grind for other types of coffee, it is important to note that these grinders are designed specifically for espresso. For this reason, we do not accept returns if you get this grinder for anything other than espresso.

Stepless Adjustment / Micrometric Regulation System

The Ascaso I2 grinder utilizes technology known as a Micrometric Regulation System. This system allows for stepless adjustment of grind sizes. With stepless adjustment users have access to an infinite number of grind size adjustments between the smallest and largest grind size settings. In comparison, grinders that have stepped adjustment have a specific number of grind size options available to choose from and fine tuning between individual grind settings is not possible.

Doser or Doserless Models

The Ascaso I2 espresso grinder comes with or without a doser, depending on the model you select. A doser allows you to dispense precise amount of a ground espresso into your portafilter or container. Customers who have espresso machines, find the doser feature helpful when trying to produce consistent espresso. The doser takes the guess work out of the process and allows users to fill their portafilters to a consistent level every time they make espresso.

Large Hopper Capacity

The bean hopper on the Ascaso I2 grinder is made of clear, high quality plastic and has a 1.3 pound bean capacity – which is enough for about 60 shots of espresso. While it recommended that coffee beans are stored in a cool dry place and that you grind them immediately prior to making espresso, some customers prefer the convenience of not requiring constant hopper refills.

Easy Grinding Operation

Operating an Ascaso I2 grinder is very easy. An on/off button controls the main power. To start the grinder, simply push your portafilter or other receptacle against a spring loaded on/off button situated under the coffee chute. To stop the grinder, simply release the pressure on the button by pulling away from the button.

Adjusting grind sizes is also easy – simply turn the knob one direction to increase the grind size, and the other direction to decrease the grind size.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping grinder clean not only prolongs the life of your valuable investment, it also ensures that your coffee is as flavorful as possible. After coffee beans are ground, some residue will remain in the grinding chamber and on the grinding wheel. If this residue remains for extended periods of time, it will go rancid and effect the flavor of the final espresso delivered. Cleaning the Ascaso I2 only takes a few steps and about 2 minutes. These steps include unplugging the grinder, removing the hopper to expose the grinding chamber, brushing off any excess grounds and residue from the chamber and grinding wheel, and reassembling the grinder. This will take care of the majority of cleaning and maintenance required.


  • Motor Power: 250 W
  • RPM: 700
  • Blades: 54 mm
  • Volts: 120 V
  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Hopper Capacity: 600 g
  • Ground Coffee Capacity: 125 g (for 1-1D model)
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs.
  • Measurements: 16.25" H x 6.4" W x 10.5" D
  • Production: 11 lbs/hr

Notes: We will not accept returns if you purchase this grinder for coffee brewing methods other than espresso. We will not accept a return under our return policy if this grinder was used to grind other types of food products (i.e. spices, paper, etc) as some previous customers have tried to do. The doser can not be removed on doser versions. The instructional manuals for Ascaso are printed for worldwide distribution and covers almost every model produced worldwide. With this in mind, there may be features, accessories, or colors available in Ascaso equipment in other countries, but not available in our models produced for the United States.

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