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Ascaso I-1 Flat Burr Espresso Grinder - Black or Aluminum - Doser or Doserless - 4 Variations

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  • Polished Aluminum Ascaso I-1 Flat Burr, without Doser
  • Dark Black Ascaso I-1 Flat Burr, with Doser
  • Polished Aluminum Ascaso I-1 Flat Burr, with Doser
  • Dark Black Ascaso I-1 Flat Burr, without Doser

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 Product Description

NOTE: For home use only.

The Ascaso I-1 series of coffee grinders are great looking grinders that produce excellent grounds for a wide range of coffee drinks. The grinders are imported directly from the Ascaso Factory in Barcelona, Spain. With over fifty years of experience in making some of the finest espresso machines and grinders in the world, Ascaso didn’t go wrong with the I-1 grinder series. As with other Ascaso products, you get premium features at a reasonable price.

4 Variations Available

There are four variations of the Ascaso I-1 available:

  1. Ascaso I-1D – Polished aluminum, with flat burr and doser
  2. Ascaso I-1D – Dark Black, with flat burr and doser
  3. Ascaso I-1 – Polished aluminum, doserless with flat burr
  4. Ascaso I-1 – Dark Black, doserless with flat burr

Doser Model

A doser is a chamber that collects ground coffee into a container. The doser is divided into segments that rotate with the pull of a lever, with each pull releasing about 7 grams of coffee grounds into the chute. The advantage of a doser is that it delivers quick, pre-measured amounts of coffee into the chute. This is a nice feature to have when you are making a large number of drinks.

Doserless Model

A doserless grinder is a better option if you are only making a shot or two of espresso at once. With a doserless model, the grounds exit the grinding chamber directly into a waiting portafilter or container without entering a doser chamber. A doserless model is a good option for people who want complete control over the amount of coffee they are using and don’t like to use pre-measured amounts.

Flat Wheel Grinding System

The I-1 grinder series feature a flat wheel grinding system. Flat wheel grinders cut coffee beans, rather than crush them like blade grinders do. This produces a more consistent grind and more flavor consistency.

Stepless Adjustment

Ascaso grinders are equipped with a stepless adjustment technology known as Micrometric Regulation System. This technology allows users to have very precise control over grind size and consistency. This is a nice feature to have if you are going to be using your grinder with an espresso machine, as grind size and consistency are important aspects in producing the best shots of espresso. Adjust your grind size for various bean sizes and for fine tuning your espresso.

Easy Manual Operation

Power to the grinder is controlled by a simple side mounted power button. A spring loaded manual on/off power button is present under the dispensing chute. To start grinding, simply push your portafilter, or storage container, against this button, causing the grinder to start and coffee grounds to pour out of the chute. When the portafilter or container has been filled to your desired amount, simply take the pressure off the button and the grinder will immediately stop.

Coffee Chute Rather Than Coffee Dispenser

Ground coffee is funneled directly from the grinding chamber, directly into a waiting portafilter or waiting container. This provides a more convenient user experience and allows you to grind the exact amount needed.

Thorough Cleaning In 2 Minutes

Routine cleaning of your coffee grinder is important for maintaining freshness and flavor consistency of your coffee. With grinders similar to the Ascaso I-1, this can be a complicated, time consuming task. With the Ascaso I-1 grinder, it couldn’t be much easier. Simply remove the bean hopper and cover, exposing the grinding chamber. Remove any coffee grounds that have built up around the cutting wheel, and reassemble. No need to drink rancid tasting coffee anymore!

Large Capacity Bean Hopper

The bean capacity on the Ascaso I-1 is about 1.3 lbs, which is more than enough for quite a few full pots of coffee or shots of espresso. It is made of clear, durable plastic and has a plastic lid.

Please Note: Most coffee aficionados prefer to keep their coffee beans in a dark, cool place in an airtight container. Undue exposer to light and air can alter the flavor of coffee. If you want to have the best espresso possible, we recommend that you only put enough beans in the hopper to serve your immediate needs. If you prefer to have coffee beans immediately available and don’t want to be constantly filling your hopper, the Ascaso I-1 does provide this as an option.

Espresso Use Only

The Ascaso coffee grinder is intended for espresso grinding only. If you want to grind for other types of coffee, we recommend choosing another machine, such as the Rancilio Rocky Grinder we offer on this site. Returns will not be accepted and warranty will be void if the grinder is used for anything other than grinding espresso.


  • Motor Power: 250 W RPM: 700 rpm
  • Blades: 54 mm
  • Volts: 120 V
  • Housing Material: Aluminum Hopper
  • Doser is not removable on doser version
  • Capacity: 600 g
  • Ground Coffee Capacity: 125 g (for 1-1D model)
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs.
  • Measurements: 16.25" H x 6.4" W x 10.5" D
  • Production: 11 lbs/hr

Note: Instruction manuals are produced for international distribution and covers models produced for other countries in the world. Because of this, some features discussed in the user manual may not appear on your grinder. 

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