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Ascaso Dream UP v2.0 Espresso Machine - 18 Colors Options

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V2 Discontinued. See V3 Page

One year manufacturer's warranty PLUS one year extended warranty AND extended two year part only grouphead warranty.

NOTE: For home use only

Machine Overview - High Quality, Reliable, & Beautiful

With 18 different color options, the Ascaso Dream UP v2 is one of Espresso Outlet’s bestselling machines. The original Ascaso Dream was a very good machine for its category, with the updates added to version 2, it was taken to the next level and can be considered one of the best pump espresso machines available on the market today.  With the numerous color options and sleek design, the machine will look great in any kitchen and allows you to make cafe quality espresso drinks, lattes, cappuccino, and cafe mochas right in the comfort of your home. When you add up the cost of these types of drinks, you will find that the machine will pay for itself rather quickly.  

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Key Features of the Ascaso Dream UP Version 2

New Thermoblock / Heating Element Details & Review Video

Unlike previous versions of the Ascaso Dream, the updated version 2 has a thermoblock rather than a single, traditional boiler. While thermoblocks are usually features you find a lower prices espresso machines, the thermoblock design on the Ascaso Dream UP v2 is actually better than most single boiler espresso machines in its class. The thermoblock is specially engineered to provide fast warm up times and continuous steam during frothing. Anyone who has used a single boiler machine, will know the frustration caused by warm up times and a lack of a continuous steam supply.

The thermoblock is made of high quality aluminum that is excellent at distributing heat quickly and consistently. Ascaso Factory made some recent modifications to the thermoblock to add even more performance benefits.

One of the factory test machines was used to make tens of thousands of espressos without any damage or performance decreases. The test was going so well, it was stopped due to a lack of defects

Thermoblock photo:

Limescale Reducing Inside Water Pipe Design

The Ascaso Dream UP features a stainless steel inside water pipe to reduce limescale build up where the water comes in contact with heating. A significant advantage, as limescale build up is a major factor in espresso machine problems. To keep limescale build up to a minimum it is important to always use softened, or filtered water (no distilled water though!).

Steaming Capabilities

Compared to most similar espresso machines that have single boilers, the Ascaso Dream is capable of providing continuous steam for the most ideal operating experience. Instead of having to stop and wait for the boiler to refill and reheat, the Ascaso Dream has a microprocessor that is continually pulsating water through the thermoblock. With this feature you can steam more than one drink, or a large quantity of milk without stopping.

Limescale Reducing Compression Steam Valves

The Ascaso Dream UP has a compression steam valve that are designed specifically for reducing the possibility of limescale build up. This is achieved through the use of rubber gaskets to make the closure for shutting off the steam valve.

Versatile Filter Handle Design

Allows the filter basket to be changed for either single or double shots.

Filter handle is designed for ease of use

Ground Coffee Conversion Kit

The Ascaso Dream UP v2 includes an adapter and screen which can be added to the grouphead so only ground coffee can be used, resulting in a better cup for most espresso enthusiasts.

Three Simple to Use Switch Controls

3 simple to use switch controls – A center power switch that is used to begin heating up the boiler. Two professional grade rocker switches – one for the steam function and one for the coffee brew control.

Rocker switches give the machine a classy feel

Indicator Lights

A series of lights let you know when the machine is powered and when the proper temperature has been reached for brewing espresso or frothing milk.

Front Mounted Temperature Gauge

The temperature (read in Celsius) of the boiler in coffee and steam mode can be monitored with this gauge.

Swivel Mounted Steam Wand Frothing Tip

Position the hole in the frothing adapter at the top level of milk and create perfect foam in your frothing pitcher. Mounted on a swivel joint, the stainless steel steam wand swings to the side for easy use and cleaning.

Steam wand with frothing tip

Upgraded Commercial Style Brewing Group

The chrome plated brass group head on the Ascaso Dream UP is designed to evenly distribute heat and water and reduce hotspots for temperature consistency and better extraction.

There are two main reasons the brewing group excels in this area – the construction materials and the design of the water distribution feature. The chrome plated, brass construction is one of the best materials available for espresso machine brewing groups due to its outstanding ability to retain heat evenly and consistently. If water isn’t distributed evenly, some parts of the coffee grounds will extract differently than other parts. This can alter the flavor of the final product quite adversely and can reduce consistency from shot to shot.

With design of the brewing group on the Ascaso Dream UP, you won’t have to worry about heat or water retention and distribution.

Large Capacity Water Reservoir

48 oz. removal water reservoir with a water level indicator. For convenience, it can be filled while operating or taken out and filled at water source. Located behind the group head in the lower section of the machine. Removed from the right side, by sliding it out.

Ascaso Dream UP Water reservoir

Powerful 16 BAR Water Pump

One of the most critical aspects in producing outstanding espresso is pressure – without it you won’t have real espresso. In order to get a good espresso extract you need to have at least 9 bars of pressure. The water pump of the Ascaso Dream UP is capable of producing up to 16 bars of pressure. A water pump on an espresso machine has to be capable of pushing water through coffee grounds consistently, and on a regular basis. The durable, high quality pump on this machine can do just that. When compared to lower priced machines, the water pump on the Ascaso Dream Up is considered by many to be much more durable..

16 bar water pumps used on the Ascaso Dream UP

Aluminum Body Construction

To provide enhanced durability and longevity, the body of the Ascaso Dream UP is constructed of corrosion and rust resistant aluminum. There are 18 machine colors options available for customer purchase. One of them is polished aluminum. The polished aluminum option is a gorgeous option that has been hand buffed and polished for an outstanding retro look. The other 17 color options are a combination of polished aluminum and enamel painted aluminum. The enamel paint is durable and chip resistant, providing the machine with long term beauty.

It is important to keep in mind that the polished aluminum features on the machines should never be exposed to strong cleaning chemicals or distilled/purified water. You should only use softened, or spring water to prevent the polish from wearing off. To clean the surface, use a damp cloth with no chemicals.

One of the nicest features of an aluminum body is that it won’t rust. Most competing espresso machines in the Ascaso Dream UP v2’s class and price range are made of steel. If steel is exposed to prolonged moisture, it will be prone to rust, which can cause aesthetic and functionality damaging rust.

Due to the heavy cast aluminum case, the Ascaso Dream UP is one of the strongest home espresso machines on the market today. It’s a case that is built to protect the internal components of the machine, and in general the long term longevity of the machine.

Accessories Kit

Portafilter with dual spout, pressurized single and double cup filter baskets, single ESE pod basket, plastic tamper, scoop, instructional manual, cappuccino frothing attachment on machine, single hole steam tip, Ascaso coffee wash cleaner, and ground coffee kit (which includes non-pressurized double cup filter basket, adapter, screw and dispersion screen). The manual included with the machine will state that some accessories (i.e. pod handle) are included with the machine. This is a universal worldwide manual that encompasses all different configurations of this machine. Please note that the only accessories included are the ones listed on this web page.


Two years parts and labor limited to manufacturer's defect. Three years warranty on grouphead part only limited to manufacturer's defect. Wear and tear items not included.

Three Way Solenoid Valve

A solenoid is a must have feature on an espresso machine. Without it, you’ll have a messy experience while making espresso. The solenoid valve is a specially designed system that relieves pressure in the grouphead immediately after extraction. The coffee puck is also sucked dry. When the portafilter is removed, there is no “coffee explosion” and dripping is greatly reduced. If a machine doesn’t have this feature, the user is forced to wait for the built up pressure to be relieved by itself before removing the portafilter. With the pressure relieved, the portafilter can be removed immediately after extraction, allowing users to make espresso after espresso without interruption. Having a dry puck also makes it easier to knock the used coffee from the portafilter into your knock box, or other similar container.

For an optimal user experience, the pressure valve can be adjusted to meet an individual’s specific needs.

Three way valve

Heavy Duty Coffee Holders and Filter Baskets

Keeping with the tradition of using only commercial grade components, the Dream UP uses heavy-duty chrome plated brass coffee holders, which feature a rugged plastic handle. The same coffee holder is used for ground coffee and espresso pods.

Single shot and double shot 57 mm diameter stainless steel filter baskets are included for ground coffee, and there is a pod basket for single dose ESE pods. The double shot size baskets allow you to use more ground coffee per serving for stronger espresso or cups of coffee.

Drip and Cup Tray, Plus Cup Heater

The Dream UP has a polished stainless steel drip pan and chrome plated steel cup try, both easy to remove and clean. A unique scratch resistant cup-warming surface on the top of the machine lets you keep your espresso cups warm so your freshly brewed espresso does not cool too quickly once it hits the cup.

Cup warmer

Drip Tray

Classy looking drip tray

Machine Dimensions

9.6" W x 13.6" H x 11" D

Thermal Stability

Video: Thermal stability test of the new Dream UP v2 thermoblock group.


  • Measurements: 9.6" W x 13.6" H x 11" D

  • Tamper size: 57mm

  • Water tank: 1.5 liters

  • Bodywork: Polished Aluminum (colored versions have enamel paint)

  • Machine weight with portafilter on: 16.0 lbs.

  • Dimensional Shipping Weight: 42 lbs.

  • Voltage: 120V

  • Power: 1000W

  • Pump Pressure: 16 bar

  • Coffee thermostat: Boiler 100º / Thermoblock 95º

  • Steam thermostat 140º+ Safety Thermofuse

  • Steam pipe protector / Cappuccino/hot water pipe

  • Brass portafilter holder: 57mm

  • Three prong plug

  • Manufactured in Barcelona, Spain


Owners / Operating Manual

An instruction manual for the Ascaso Dream UP v2 is available from the manufacturer, Ascaso Factory. View this page for additional information. 

The manual for the Ascaso Dream is available in several languages. For English, go to page 10. The manual is also made for several Ascaso espresso machines, including the Dream UP, ARC, Elispe, and Basic.

The contents of the manual, with corresponding page numbers (PDF page numbers, not document) are as follows:

  • Technical Specifications – 10
  • Diagram – 11
  • Safety/Start Up – 12
  • Important safeguards – 12
  • Start Up – 12
  • Mobile filter holder system – 12
  • Fixed filter holder system – 12
  • Preparation of coffee – 12
  • Ground coffee – 12
  • Versatile pod/ground – versatile mobile system – 13
  • POD – Fixed holder pod only – 13
  • Thermometer – 13
  • Tamping – 13
  • Preparation of cappuccino – 13
  • Mobile filter holder – 13
  • Fixed filter holder – 13
  • Preparation of steam – 14
  • Preparation of hot water – 14
  • Maintenance and cleaning – 14
  • Cleaning the outside – 14
  • Internal cleaning – 14
  • Back flushing – Blind filter weekly – 14
  • Guarantee – 14
  • Declaration of EC conformity – 14
  • Troubleshooting table – 15 

Color Options

Artisan Finish Color Options

Love is in the airAluminumAscaso Dream UP v2 - the Cow

Matt Finish Color Options

Dark black Dream UPAnthracite GreyChocolate Dream UP v2Sweet Cream

Brilliant Finish Color Options

Love Red Mandarin orangeSun YellowStrawberry Gum

Intense VioletFresh PistachioKid BlueCloud White




Video of Ascaso Dream UP Love Red

Video of Ascaso Dream UP Chocolate


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How Do You Make a Cappuccino with an Ascaso Dream UP?

Watch this video put together by the Ascaso Factory to see it in action. 


How to make a coffee with an Ascaso Dream UP v2?



Why don’t I get good crema with my Ascaso Dream?

A common problem a lot of new espresso machine owners have is getting espresso with good crema.

As with most espresso machines, the lack of crema is generally not related to the machine (unless you get a steam machine - good luck!) itself – there are several other factors that are usually to blame.

The first one being the grind size – if it’s too large, you won’t get very good crema. You may not even get true espresso extraction. The right grind size depends on the type and age of the beans you are using. For optimal results it is strongly recommended that you get a high quality conical burr espresso grinder that allows you to adjust the grind size.

Another common reason is that you haven’t tamped the coffee grounds with enough downward pressure. If the grounds are too loose, there won’t have enough back pressure to get enough bar of pressure built up to properly extract espresso. Coffee will come out watery and without crema.

Coffee bean quality, type, and age also have an effect on crema. Cheap beans that are typically found in many grocery stores are typically grown in poor conditions and come from plants that are bred for production, not quality.

It is recommended that you purchase single source, sustainable and shade grown beans for optimal results. Once you experience the different, there is no going back. Beans from specialty coffee shops, and online retailers like Kuva coffee or Mo Jo' a Go Go are ideal.

Bean type is also another factor. Certain varieties of coffee trees, and trees from certain regions in the world naturally produce beans that have less crema when brewed. There is nothing wrong with this, but these types of beans are better suited for brewing methods other than espresso.

Coffee beans are most flavorful if used within a week of roasting. After that they start getting dry and stale. Even if they are tightly sealed, there is still a reduction in quality, flavor, and crema production the farther you get away from the roast date.

In summary:

  • Use fresh coffee beans
  • Use specialty (if possible shade grown and Fair Trade) coffee
  • Experiment with different type of coffee beans
  • Get an espresso grinder and experiment with varying grind sizes
  • Try different tamping pressures – this will depend on bean type and grind size. 

My Ascaso Dream UP isn’t making hot espresso, why not?

Before you brew espresso, turn it on and leave it on for a few minutes before you start brewing. If you turn it on and start extracting right away you’ll get cold coffee as the water in the boiler hasn’t had time to warm up.

If you brew coffee into a cold cup, it will quickly make even the hottest espresso cold. The Ascaso Dream comes with a built in cup warmer, but if your machine is left off, your cups will get cold again quickly. If you don’t have a cup that has been kept warm on the cup warmer, fill your cup with warm water and let it sit for a minute. Pour the water out, then brew your espresso into this cup. 

When I brew espresso with my Ascaso Dream UP, the coffee comes out very quickly, why?

There are three main reasons. Each one will negatively alter the flavor of your espresso. The reason for this is that there isn’t enough pressure built up for a proper extraction of espresso to take place.

The main causes of this problem are usually not related to a malfunction of the Ascaso Dream – most machines will have this problem if the following are true:

-          The grind size of the coffee is too large. If the grind size is too large, there is more space between the individual particles, even if they are tamped down firmly. This allows water to flow through the grinds with less friction, therefore reducing the pressure that is built up.

-          The coffee grounds aren’t tamped down firmly enough. Tamping packs the individual grind particles firmly in place. You’ll have to experiment with different tamping pressures until you learn the ideal pressure, but if enough pressure isn’t applied, the grounds will be too loose. Grounds that are too loose allow water to flow through them to easily, reducing pressure and extraction quality.

-          The portafilter doesn’t have enough coffee grounds in it. If layer of coffee grounds in the portafilter is too thin water can be pushed through it too easily, reducing the pressure needed for extraction and allowing water to flow through it too quickly. It can also cause what is known as channeling, or uneven extraction of espresso. Channeling can alter the flavor and consistency of your espresso. 

Should I descale my Ascaso Dream UP espresso machine?

When it comes to descaling, there are two schools of thought with strong opinions  on either side. On one side, there are people who recommend descaling every two or three months, and on the other side, there are people who recommend never descaling. Our opinion is that you should always use soft water and if you do so, there is no need to descale. While there are minimal amounts of minerals in softened water, it's hard water that's the killer. 

From what we've seen descaling can cause more problems than it reduces. For example, the descaling solution can react with the minerals that have built up and foam over enough to ruin electrical components. It can also damage chrome plating and, in machines with aluminum, it can cause pitting. It can also dislodge any mineral buildup in large flakes, causing blockages. The Ascaso Dream has polished aluminum in various areas depending on the color option. If the descaling solution gets on this, it can damage the exterior of the machine. 

People who use soft water and don't descale don't seem to have problems relating to scale build up, but we've seen a lot of problems relating to descaling. Use soft water and don't descale. 


Additional Photos of the Ascaso Dream UP

Espresso machine and grinder

Ascaso Dream UP and Ascaso Grinder


Front view with milk pitcher

Ascaso Dream front view with milk pitcher

View of espresso machine front showing the underside of the grouphead.

View of Ascaso Dream UP showing underside of grouphead

Top of Ascaso Dream UP showing classy switches and fine curves 

Machine top with switches

Ascaso Dream UP in kitchen

Ascaso Dream UP v2 in kitchen

Right side of espresso machine

Right side of espresso machine

Left side of Ascaso Dream UP

Left side of espresso machine

Black Ascaso Dream UP with black grinder

Black Ascaso Dream UP with black grinder

White Ascaso Dream UP brewing a shot

White Ascaso Dream UP brewing a shot of espresso



  1. Polished Aluminum - A few customers have complained about stains on the aluminum sections of the body. These parts are very delicate to certain types of water - distilled, purified, or heavy in calcium/magnesium. It's very important not to expose this machine to humidity or leave water to dry on the aluminum. Please try with a towel as soon as possible. If spots appear, we recommend cleaning with alcohol or a high quality aluminum polish cleaner. If you are not comfortable with this risk, it is recommended that you choose one of the color options that has the enamel paint finish.

  2. The instructional manuals for Ascaso are printed for worldwide distribution and covers almost every model produced worldwide. With this in mind, there may be features, accessories, or colors available in Ascaso equipment in other countries, but not available in our models produced for the United States.

  3. Only single dose E.S.E. (easy serving espresso) pods can be used on Ascaso Versatile espresso machines. Double pods and regular coffee pods will not fit in this machine.


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    I have been looking for the perfect espresso machine to fit the style of my kitchen and I found it here at espressooutlet. The customer service was excellent and answered all my questions before I purchased the machine. I can't wait to get it and see my kitchen look even better With the Ascaso dream machine!

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