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Ascaso Arc Espresso Machine - V2

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 Product Description

One year manufacturer's warranty PLUS one year extended warranty.

NOTE: For home use only.


The Ascaso ARC v2 espresso machine fits in any kitchen design and is small enough to fit in space challenged situations. It is compact, yet it has excellent brewing results and steaming ability. The ARC is a medium priced espresso machine that excels at making your favorite espresso drinks.

Some of the features on the ARC espresso machine include: beautiful, compact, steel housing, simple to use controls, ground coffee baskets, special milk frothing tip, a removable water tank, a cup tray, ESE pod baskets, a powerful pump, an efficient heating element for steaming milk and making hot water, cup warming surface and a removable drip tray.

Version 2 of the ARC espresso machine has a new and improved thermoblock design – it is built with aluminum for faster heating times and with uniform thickness for temperature stability.  The inside tubing for water heating is made of stainless steel. This reduces limescale buildup of magnesium and calcium, which is a main cause of espresso machine problems.

Another improvement in the ARC V2 espresso machine, is a microprocessor that pulsates the water pump so that the thermoblock is continually filled, providing steam consistency.

A third improvement on V2 machine an addition of a ground coffee kit and includes the adapter and screen which can be added to the grouphead so only ground coffee can be used.

Simple Brewing Features

With the simple push of a button, you can start the flow of espresso until you have the desired amount of coffee. The control panel features durable buttons that are logically arranged and simple to use. Several indicator lights tell you when the machine is powered up and when it’s at the proper temperature for brewing or steaming milk.

Quality Brewing Group

The grouphead is made of chrome plated brass and is designed to evenly distribute heat and reduces “hotspots” for more temperature consistent espresso.

Heavy Duty Coffee Holders and Filter Baskets

The ARC uses commercial grade, heavy-duty chrome plated brass coffee holders, which feature a rugged plastic handle. There is one coffee holder for ground coffee and espresso pods. Pressurized single shot and double shot 57 mm diameter stainless steel filter baskets are also included just in case pre-ground coffee is used. The larger size baskets allow you to use more ground coffee per serving for stronger espresso or cups of coffee. The third basket can be placed into the filter holder for E.S.E. compatible espresso pods.

2 Liter Water Tank

The removable water reservoir, equipped with a water level indicator, can be filled while operating or taken out and filled at the faucet.

16 BAR Water Pump

A good water pump that has the power to force water through the coffee grounds is critical for extracting the full flavor from the coffee. With a 16 bar pump, there is nothing to worry about.

Drip and Cup Tray, Plus Cup Heater

The ARC has an easy to remove/clean polished stainless steel cup tray and a drip pan. Keeps your cups warm with a cup-warming surface on the top of the machine.

Stainless-Lined Aluminum Thermoblock

The aluminum thermoblock with internal stainless steel lining of the water passage ways work remarkably well.

Construction with Longevity In Mind

The ARC is constructed of steel that has been finished throughout with enamel paint. All of the components that make up the construction are designed for long life and low maintenance.

Instructional Manual

The manual will state that some accessories (i.e. pod handle) are included with the machine. This is a universal worldwide manual that encompasses all different configurations of this machine. Please note that the only accessories included are the ones listed on this web page.


Portafilter with dual spout, pressurized single and double cup filter baskets, single ESE pod basket, plastic tamper, scoop, instructional manual, cappuccino frothing attachment on machine, single hole steam tip, Ascaso coffee wash cleaner, and ground coffee kit (which includes non-pressurized double cup filter basket, adapter, screw and dispersion screen).


2 Year Parts & Labor Limited to Manufacturers Defects. Three years warranty on grouphead part, limited to manufacturers defect. 


Measurements: 8.5" W x 12.5" H x 12.25" D. Width with steam wand out: 10". Depth with portafilter on machine: 14.75"

Ascaso ARC Weight

15.6 lbs with portafilter on. 26 lbs shipping weight. 

Tamper Size

The Ascaso ARC comes with a 57mm tamper. If you wish to purchase an alternative tamper, you can find some options here


Enamel painted Steel


1000 watts / 120 volts. Three prong plug.


  • Coffee thermostat: Boiler 100º / Thermoblock 95º
  • Steam thermostat 140º+ Safety Thermofuse

Ascaso ARC Review on CoffeeGeek.com

For Ascaso ARC espresso machine reviews, read the reviews in the reviews section or read these customer reviews on Coffee Geek.

Users / Instruction Manual

For instructions on how to operate the Ascaso ARC, backflush instructions, cleaning instructions, problem troubleshooting, download the user manual from the manufacturer’s website.

Buy at the Best Price

Buy the Ascaso ARC at the best price available online! We sell the Ascaso ARC for the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer. If other retailers are selling it for lower than we do, they may be selling refurbished or returned items – which is not something we do or recommend! We even sell them at or below Amazon’s pricing.

Semi-Automatic Operation

A semi-automatic espresso machine allows users to control the amount of water that is used for extraction. The user starts the flow, and when the desired amount has been extracted, stops the flow with a brew switch.

Similar Espresso Machines

The Ascaso ARC is commonly compared vs. the Ascaso Dream or vs. the Gaggia Classic or vs. the Ascaso Basic Black. We sell both of these products and we recommend you make the comparison and get the one the best fits your needs.

International Orders

We get a lot of web site visitors from all over the world, from Canada to Australia. We ship to both of these countries, as well as a lot of other countries around the world. Our shopping cart is set up to automatically calculate shipping rates to most countries, but sometimes it doesn’t make very accurate calculations. If you are an international customer, please contact us and we’ll try to find you the best rate possible.

Spare Parts

For spare parts, go to the Ascaso Factory website



  1. 1.     Lights:
  • o    Left light - Machine powered on when lit.
  • o    Right light - Boiler heating element is on. After machine warm up, this light can go on and off during the extraction or while steaming.
  1. 2.     General Ascaso Terminology:
  • o    Versatile - Better for single dose E.S.E. pods (double pods do not work), not as good for ground coffee except when ground coffee kit is installed.
  • o    Professional - Better for ground coffee. Pods are watery as grouphead is not designed for pods.
  1. 3.     From coffee mode to steam mode:
    1. 1.     Depress the steam button.
    2. 2.     Pump will pulsate with a corresponding noise.
    3. 3.     Open the steam valve and allow 2-4 ounces water to drain.
    4. 4.     It is normal for some water to drip out the grouphead.
    5. 5.     Close the steam knob for about 20-30 seconds.
    6. 6.     Purge water from steam wand again by opening steam valve and close.
    7. 7.     Place cold milk pitcher under steam wand and open the steam knob.
    8. 8.     Steam will be continuous until reservoir is almost empty or until the steam valve is closed.
  2. 4.     From steam mode to coffee mode:
    1. 0.     Depress the steam button to outer (off) position.
    2. 1.     Place empty container under steam wand.
    3. 2.     Open steam valve to allow any steam to come out of wand.
    4. 3.     Upon completion, depress coffee button to allow water to refill boiler and bring temperature down to coffee mode.
    5. 4.     Once the right light (heating light) powers on, depress the coffee switch to outer off position and close steam valve.
  3. 5.     The instructional manuals for Ascaso are printed for worldwide distribution and covers almost every model produced worldwide. With this in mind, there may be features, accessories, or colors available in Ascaso equipment in other countries, but not available in our models produced for the United States.


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